Sunday, June 19, 2011

My baby daddy

Each year when Father's Day comes around, I like to think about my baby-daddy
and reflect about how great of a father he is, and how thankful that he is the one
God gave me to dance the mine fields with.

I started doing posts like this three years ago, and I love doing this each year.

So, without further adieu, here are a few characteristics that describe my main man.

My baby-daddy:

  • has a scruffy beard
  • enjoys a funny movie
  • doesn't cry often

  • coached Jr. Basketball
  • looks hot with a whistle around his neck

  • takes our boys on the roof
  • takes great caution when our boys are on the roof
  • looks hot on the roof

  •  Works well with our neighbors
  • Fits in with just about any demographic group
  • Takes time out to help our neighbor dig a few holes for his trees
  • Looks hot while digging holes

  • Recognizes the importance of play
  • Is willing to take the boys on the playground while I sit and chit-chat with friends
  • Looks hot on a playground

  • Goes to concerts with me - when the concert is my favorite band.
  • Wears ball caps whenever socially acceptable
  • lets me cut his hair in order to save money
  • Never complains or freaks out when I say "oops" while cutting his hair
  • Has blue eyes
  • Looks hot at a concert in a ball cap

  • Is totally content (and thankful) that we have 2 boys
  • Is patient with the boys
  • Loves to teach math-related projects to the boys
  • Builds rockets with the boys
  • Looks hot with my 2 boys 

  • Loves and respects his parents
  • Loves and respects my parents
  • Talks with his dad (almost) daily about latest goings-on in the political arena
  • Is very diligent about keeping up with politics
  • Is a hard right conservative
  • Is ridiculously intelligent (see previous statement)
  • Is hot while being intelligent

  • Looks unbelievably hot in a tux  (swoon!)

  • Doesn't believe in keeping-up-with-the-joneses
  • Is humble
  • Doesn't believe in the i-deserve-it mentality

  • Loves that I plant a garden every spring
  • Remembers to water the garden when I forget
  • Makes lists
  • Makes lists of lists
  • Has a servant's heart

  • Is glad to see me feeling better
  • Supports my gluten free lifestyle
  • Still eats Doritos
  • Walks the dog every Sunday morning before church
  • Is a meat-and-potatoes kind of eater
  • Prefers salty over sweets
  • Works himself to the bone
  • Is hot when he sleeps

  • Is loyal to his friends
  • Is even more loyal to his family
  • Is even MORE loyal to the boys and me

  • Loves the season of fall
  • Camps out in the back yard with the boys every summer
  • Loves having fires in the fire pit and talking to the wee hours of the morning

  •  Has a farmer's tan on his arms and neck
  • Has funky tan lines on his legs

  • Takes a second helping of dinner (even when it's not that good) and always thanks me for a good meal.
  • Gets along (a little too well) with my father and brother

  • Is willing to pose for pictures on the beach with my family (like that's a sacrifice, but wanted to include this picture as its one of my all time favorites!)

  • Is willing to go in the water with jeans on to keep C. happy and safe

  • Teaches our boys how to pump on a swing
  • Works with the boys on riding a bicycle

  • Has an entrepreneur's spirit
  • Works 60 hour weeks
  • Builds the addition in his spare time

  • Doesn't believe in debt
  • Has a solid foundation in God

  • Enjoys the smaller things in life
  • Has the BEST belly laugh
  • Is my voice of reason
  • Takes the morning off of work to support my first 5k run
  • Encourages me to take time for myself and exercise
  • Loves that I don't let many manufactured foods in the house anymore
  • Is patient with my meeting schedule at nights
  • Helps me with the laundry
  • Reads to the boys whenever they ask
  • Wishes we didn't have a TV in the house
  • Is incredibly patriotic
  • Enjoys fishing

  • Is worthy of my love, admiration and respect.
Happy Father's Day, baby!


Mama M. said...

"Is ridiculously intelligent (see previous statement)"...LOVE it!! You crack me up, I do, however, love these lists of yours!

Karrie said...

That is a great way of chatting up your favorite guy! He sounds like a great guy!