Wednesday, February 23, 2011


My dad:

Surgery went well.  They ended up placing rods/pins in both bones of his leg.  He's completely non-weight bearing for the next 2-3 months.  After being in traction for 2 months already.  My dad is awesome.  He goes home today.  Thanks for praying!

He's back in school today after being sick since Sunday afternoon with fever, chills, and cough.I took him in to the Dr. (not something I do often unless absolutely necessary) because he was presenting the same symptoms I did when I had strep.  He tested negative for strep, but had ear infections and a sinus infection.  So glad antibiotics are free.

I forgot today was picture day at his preschool.  Yep...he's going to be the kid with disheveled hair wearing a BROWN TOW TRUCK SWEATSHIRT.  Great mom moment.  Yep, that's my kid.  He's currently napping in my bed because, "mommy's bed is the best and smells pretty like her."  I'm such a sucker.

Made some furniture out of scrap wood.  He's awesome.  Pics to come.

Is hot.  :)

New hair color!  Darker.  I get it cut on Friday.  I'm excited.  My old lady moved out to California 6 years ago, and I almost cried when she left.  While I've been happy with the cuts I've received since then, it just hasn't been the same.  Well....she's back in town!  (and by back, I mean 45 minutes away).  I'm excited to see if she can work her magic again.
On another note, D and I have a wedding this weekend from one of his ghetto-fabulous friends*.  It will be fun to see them again.  I seriously have nothing in my closet to wear to a wedding, so I went shopping.  This morning I found a dress on clearance ($12!) in a size smaller (totally not inserting a number here!)!!!!  Bonus day.

*seriously, we use this phrase with the utmost love and respect.  D jokes that he grew up in the ghetto with his ghetto rat (four tre) friends.  It really is more a term of endearment, and not a form of judgement!


Thomas and Jamie said...

YEA for Brown Tow Truck shirts, New furniture, new hair and ghetto fabulous husbands! Although, my husband definitely married "down" since he was from the country club and I was, quite literally, from the other side of the tracks!! So, I suppose you could say I'm the ghetto fabulous one in our marriage! hahahaha

Big Fat Gini said...

Oh my goodness! Your poor dad!

The tow truck sweater brings to mind the time Mr. BFG sent my oldest to school in a horrid polo shirt that was probably three sizes too big and came down to his knees. Really?

Hope you enjoy your new hair! I'm finally going in tomorrow for the first time in ages! So stinkin' happy!

mrsmarkdave said...

Glad to hear your dad's surgery went well. I've been thinking of and praying for him.
Don't worry about the disheveled hair and tow truck shirt :-) I'm sure his cuteness will diverge peoples' attention ;-)
I'm dying my hair sometime this week, too. Seriously - the gray has me losing sleep at night. Glad your "old lady" is back.
Hope your boy gets better soon. Enjoy the wedding.

Rach said...

nice update S! $12? Sickness. I feel like last wedding that you went to resulted in a video of D breakin it down to Footloose.