Monday, January 31, 2011

The Pain in my arse....also known as the "blue project"

Yes...the blue project has come to a completion.
Thank goodness!
It all started when A. threw a football in the living room, and dumped my Pier 1 berry wreath on the floor.
When I picked it up, I realized that the bright red berries were somewhat clashing in our new living room.

We hung it up during the Christmas season, and it looked fine at the time...
...but without the Christmas tree...well, now the red stuck out like a sore thumb.

Which led me to thinking (insanely) that I should change the red berries for blue ones.
Upon further review of the berries, I realized that they were nothing more than fancy painted Styrofoam on sticks.

So, if little Chinamen can put fancy paint on a bunch of Styrofoam balls,
then so can this Norwegian/German mama.

So, I picked through the wreath and plucked the red ones out...

All 124 of them.

And proceeded to paint them.

And I painted, and I painted and I painted.

All 124 of them.

Then, I realized that they were too bright, and needed to be "antiqued" a bit.

So, I found some brown and gold paint and made a wash with water...

...that seemed to do the trick.

So, then I had to glue them all back on.

All 124 of them.

But, I have to goes so much better with our decor.


mrsmarkdave said...

WOW!!!! Sandy, I am so impressed - there are no words to express HOW impressed I am. The wreath is amazingly beautiful. And I. AM. IMPRESSED.

Joy and Randy said...

The things we do...LOL. You done good girl!!

Brittney said...

Ohh, that is SO pretty! Way to go on all that hard work! It paid off!

Big Fat Gini said...

Wow! I think it turned out really cute! Great job!