Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Cause I know you've been on the edge of your seat since LAST January...

Do you remember the blog post in which I hinted to a project with some really funky fabric?

Well, I'm sorry to those of you who have not been sleeping well...

...just waiting to find out what I did with this fabric.

I should have warned you in my post (last Janurary) that I'm quite the procrastinator.

And have difficulty finishing what I start.

But...I finished!

Here she is:

I can say that I have successfully completed my first re-upholstery project!!!

I had originally intended on doing a fun little accent chair for our new basement, but
this couch (with never-used hide-a-bed) was given to us for free, and was hardly ever sat on.

It's small size fit perfectly in our narrow little basement, so we used that instead.

Only, it meant that I would run out of fabric.

So, we went with red cushions.

After all, red is the accent color in the basement.

It's the color of the canvas prints I ordered from the silhouette pictures I took of the boys against D's van:

I also added some red touches to the opposite wall with some words (cut with my Cricut),
a fun little ottoman, and some bins found at the dollar spot at Target.

Other than a picture wall over the couch, I can consider the addition basement decorations


Brittney said...

Wow! Way to go! It looks great!

Kathy said...

L0o0o0o0o0o0ve it! (that's me singing by the way)

Mama M. said...

Whoa!! Way to go, Sandy!! I'm even more convinced that I need you for a neighbor...I'd bet you'd even borrow me an egg or a cup of sugar if I needed one...you know, WHILE you were working on fabulous crafty projects for me! ;)

Ingrid Reineking said...

here I was feeling all smug because I made some throw pillows (quite a miracle since i rarely sew OR finish a project!), and you just reuhpolstered a sofa! Good for you. It looks great. It's so fun to see the Love Shack coming together!