Sunday, January 23, 2011

I'm a MONEY saving FREAKAZOID!!!

Ok, I have to tell all my friends about this!!!

If you haven't looked into before, you are really missing out!

Basically, it works VERY simply!

You sign on, create an account (takes 4 minutes), and use their home page as a navation tool to get to other websites.

I clicked on, and was taken to the Kohls website.  It probably took an extra 10 seconds for ebates to open my "ticket."    I used ebates for my Christmas shopping, and after a few weeks, I received a CHECK IN THE MAIL!

I did the same thing for a few purchases from Barnes & Noble.  Another $2.18 coming back...

Then, I purchased some new danskos on (at a HUGE discount), and since I went through ebates, I have $3.18 coming back to me in check.

THEN, just today, I realized that they have on their site.  I went on there, and saw that there's still some left for my MOST favorite restaurant EVER.  I signed up to get a $25 gift cert. for $20.  Then, ebates gave me a coupon code to get an additional 70% off the total bill.  So, essentially, I just paid $6.00 for a $25 gift certificate.  AND, since I went through ebates, I will get an additional 15% back in check!

You can even use it for purchaes!

The only bad thing about ebates is that they don't have on their register.  Otherwise, I've been able to find each of my favorite web sites (that are hosting TONS of clearance events).

So, I encourage you to check out ebates today!  Just click here to go check it out.

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