Thursday, September 10, 2009

Old friend, new friend

Isn't it awesome when God reconnects you with an old friend?

Isn't it awesome when God connects you with a new friend?

Isn't is even MORE awesome when they're married to each other?!?!?

Since D. stopped working (for someone else) full time, he's sort of missed his fellow designers. Imagine my surprise when I ran into one of them at ICR (a place where we take our kiddos to taste test baby food and get paid for it). D. was jazzed when I told him that I saw his friend.

Then, K. and I got together on facebook, we put the plans in action to get our families together. First, they hosted us in July. We had a wonderful night, and I was so humbled by their hospitality when they made every effort to support my gluten-free diet. (Thanks, S, for wearing a path in the Costco aisles!) The boys loved seeing their daughter, A.- who has the most beautiful head of red hair. And I just loved being able to get to know K. (I'm so glad he brought her a carmel apple!)

Then, we had so much fun with them that we reciprocated at the Love Shack. While A. wasn't able to join us due to illness, fun was still had by all. It was nice to talk to them after the boys went to bed. I told K. that I would post the chicken dish that I made on the blog. (Which will be the next post- stay tuned!)

And despite the rain outside, we still had fun roasting marshmallows!

Thank goodness for gas ranges.

Thank goodness for good friends, both new and old.

By the way: #60. Have a friend or family member over for dinner. Done.

Note: "the list" the reason we invited them over- but crossing off a line item certainly is a bonus!


kristen said...

We made your blog!!!! We feel so honored!! You are a great writer:-)

Sandy said...

Thank you! The honor is all ours! We loved having you over. :)