Thursday, September 3, 2009

Sometimes my husband thinks he's Kevin Bacon...

So, despite my grumblings about going to a wedding a few weeks ago, I did really have some fun at the ghetto-fabulous* wedding. I got to see people that I haven't seen in some time, and had a chance to catch up with old friends. And I had a laugh or other's expense. Or perhaps I was laughing with them- yeah, that's it - they were just laughing on the inside.

Anyway, the collage below shows some great pics of the day. Dave - in his gangsta tux. (The white boutinneer really highlights the white in the wing-tips, don'tyathinksotoo?) My in my cute sundress... with blaring farmer's tan, all the guys sardined in at the front of the church (there were 11), new friends, old friends, and a really beautiful bride.

(you can click on the collage for a larger view)

*Really, we use ghetto-fabulous as a term of endearment, not judgement. Dave likes to reference his childhood neighborhood as the 'hood, and his friends as ghetto-rats. FYI: these boys grew up on 43rd. St. (really, not the ghetto), and deemed themselves the Four-tre posse'. I'm married to "Paperboy D." Yep...even as a child, the boy was a worker.

There's a story behind the video below. When I was just pregnant with Adam (and no one else knew yet), Dave and I went to a wedding. He took full advantage of knowing he had a designated driver that night. Full advantage. Anyway, the song Footloose came on...Dave decided he was Kevin Bacon. He went out there, and danced over the entire floor.


Then, his dad joined in. Then, his brother joined in. Then the other brother. I was a sight to behold. Four Hop men flailing their arms and legs awesomely dancing all over the floor.

People stopped and stared.

They gathered around the floor.

Yep...that kind of sight.

Anyway, now its a tradition of sorts. After a few drinks, the song gets played, and I stand on the side and cheer my Mr. Bacon on. This wedding was no exception.

This time I brought my camera...with the video option. :)

So, when I noticed the deejay struggling to play songs that everyone would dance to, I went to request THE song. He asked me if I knew of people who would dance. I told him that I could guarantee at least one.

So, I stood back, secured my spot on the side of the dance floor and pulled out the camera.

While Dave did have to fly solo that night without his wingmen (dad and brothers), we'd like to think that he did them proud.


I think I'm in love.
Just fyi- I do have his permission to publish it! But I'm kind of afraid that once people start razzing him (or the crazy groomsman who's macking on a bridesmaid) about his dancing skillz, he may ask me to take it down. So, get your views on while you can!!!


Anonymous said...

ha ha -so funny! I've got a similar video of my husband dancing, but I don't have permission to publish it! :)

Rach said...

Sick dave....sick. We'll have to have some sort of dance party.....soon

Sandy said...

Yes, Rach!!! I'll bring the camera!!!

Summer said...

Ok, too funny! I can only imagine what the floor would look like filled with his wingmen.

mrsmarkdave said...

oh my gosh I don't even know you, and I'm dying laughing. That was THE BEST!