Saturday, December 27, 2008

Christmas 2008

Merry Christmas, everyone!
During the weeks leading up to Christmas, it seems that everyone has different traditions with their families...who we celebrate with...when we we celebrate. I'm amazed at all the small and large traditions we make without realizing it. Many people have asked me how our schedule pans out over the few days of our Savior's birth, so I thought I'd give you a photographic timeline:
Christmas Eve:
Family Worship at church
Off to the Dave's  family celebration at Marianne and Greg's house:

Poppa Hoppa with A.

A very tired Dave- he had been plowing since 1 am, and hadn't slept yet...not to mention he was plowing the night before as well....and the night before...and the night before...need I continue?

A. and B.- cousins

The family gathered around the living room

E. was very attentive to C.. This was great because I didn't really have to worry about him! I could have adult conversation, and E. took care of the little one. Thanks, Em!

Ryan and Nicole up from North Carolina
Christmas Day:
A. woke us up at 5 am...where we let him crawl into bed with us just to get an extra hour of sleep. Except we really didn't get to sleep much when ever 30 seconds, our 5 year old was saying, "Mom, is it morning yet?"
So, we got up to see what Santa brought the boys.

A. was very excited about his new construction equipment! Molly was equally excited about her new bone! (Which lasted all of 10 minutes...)

C. trying to eat his way through his stocking
Then we have a breakfast birthday party for Jesus. It's important to Dave and I that the boys realize what the Christmas season is really all about.
Adam blowing out the birthday candles. We thought three candles was an appropriate amount. :)
Then we have a family gift opening (in the addition....see previous posting for that pic)
Then its off to Grandma Connie's and Papa Ken's (my parents) for Christmas crab legs and steak! Dave and I look forward to that meal every year! Plus, we have a great time chilling out with my parents!

I love this look on C.'s face! It's funny- he's wearing different clothes all day. The shirt he arrived in, he made a mess of at dinner- so this is his onsie. Then, he had a messy diaper, so we had to stick him in some jim-jams that Grandma and Grandpa gave him for Christmas!

A. got a remote control Monster Truck. Grandma had been playing with it before she wrapped it to "make sure it worked." But she showed A. some pretty sweet moves...I think she was making sure it worked for some time. :)
Well, that's our holiday schedule! We feel very blessed to have family and friends that we can celebrate the birth of our Savior with. Jesus is born!

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Kathy said...

I was going to yell at you on Facebook for no Christmas pictures and than the lightbulb came on, maybe they're on Sandy's blog! Ta-da! Love the pictures, it looks like you had a very blessed Christmas. I love your birthday cake for Jesus idea, we'll be doing that one next year! The blog looks awesome, I love all the pictures and bookmarking so I can keep up with you! :)