Thursday, May 22, 2014

A Bar Mitzvah of sorts

My husband's family is dutch.

Some stereotypes hold true to this beloved group... of them being routine. 


You could set a clock to their routines.

Every spring, the men-folk in the family take a day off work,

(this is, in and of itself, newsworthy.  The men in this family are born and bred workers)

pack up a tail-gating lunch,

and head to the Big D for a Tigers game.

There's a rule....

...the grandsons have to be 10 before they have the option to go.

A. has been waiting since he was 6 to go.

And his day finally arrived.'s to another rite of passage, little man! 

It's kind of like a bar mitzvah....

only so much better.

(and also GO TIGERS!)

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mrsmarkdave said...

Is this at your house? I see a deck in the background.