Friday, January 24, 2014

The days THEY never tell you about.

You know who THEY is, don't you???

The older peeps.

The ones that look longingly at your kids and say,

"Oh, treasure these days, dearie...they go by all too quick."

While I do understand that saying..., really I do.

My oldest is now 10.

An entire decade has passed since we first laid eyes on each other.

It flew by.

And I know the next decade will probably go even faster.


...there's the days that they don't talk about.

The days NO ONE mentions.

The days that NO ONE prepares you for.

Days like

Days where you're 5 minutes into the 25 minute drive to school.

With a big box truck in back of you, pokey pete in front of you, you're crossing a bridge in frigid temps....

And the baby starts throwing up.

Not just any throw up....

And your 2 boys are FREAKING out.


Yeah...have I mentioned I'm on a bridge- behind a slowpoke and in front of a box truck in a crazy hurry?

Then, she looses it again...only THIS time, she hits the roof of the van.

More boy freaking....I stop at the nearest available driveway, she's covered.

The car seat is covered.

The seat is covered.

Bits of the roof are covered.

The floor is covered.

I get the boys to school - where both are on the verge of tears in worry over their baby sister.

I quick text my friend- whom was supposed to have a long-awaited play date with today- CANCELLED.

Extreme disappointment.

But...I have a baby marinating in vomit back I go.

THEY don't tell you about that....

THEY also don't tell you about getting home and removing that marinated baby from her car seat,

Getting in the house in SUB ZERO temps without getting any on you,

getting her stripped down,

getting the car seat out of the car with numb, frozen vomit covered fingers,

getting the car seat cover off the plastic with one hand

while holding a needy sick baby with the other,

and using a "free" foot to keep the dog from licking the vomit.

No one tells you about days like that.

There's no manual on how to clean up frozen vomit off the roof of a mini van.

Or how to keep your cleaner bottle from freezing within 2 minutes of being outside.

Or how to keep your cleaning rag and upholstery brush from freezing while trying to clean the frozen vomit.

NO one tells you how to scrub vomit out of the teeny crevasses of her Robeez shoes.

No one even tells you which cleaner is the best cleaner for vomit...on ANY surface.
Does norwex sell a cloth for these types of days??? one dare speaks of days like these.

Where is the picture in the shiny brochure of days like this???

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mrsmarkdave said...

Proverbs 31:28 "Her children arise and call her blessed;
her husband also, and he praises her:"