Monday, January 13, 2014

Monday list (with added snarkiness)

I'm attempting to get back into blogging.

I am going to re-connect with my groove.

I got out of the habit, and it's almost like missing a friend.

Fortunately, I am the type of friend that just likes to reconnect with old friends, and I just pick up where we left off....

So, here goes.

1.  When you purchase a box of 100 sandwich bags- did you EVER think about just how many 100 sandwich bags is?  Yeah, I didn't either.  You know, until Baby L. chose to spread them all over my kitchen floor.  And dining area floor.  And hallway floor.  But hey, I had 5 minutes of quiet.  (mom of the year award goes tooooooooo........)

2.  Growing up, I never thought about that whole "busses driving on paved roads only" in the winter.  I remember being so envious of my friends who lived out in the country that had an extra 5-6 snow days every year.  Until now.  Dirt roads go crazy in thaw/freeze cycles.  Crazy.  (3 inches of no traction funzies)

3.  C. has had the WORST chapped lips (read: FACE) ever.  We've purchased him 6 different chap sticks.  He's lost every blasted one.  So, last night I found some Aquafor, and lathered the little guy up.  (slimy-EST good-night kiss ever).  But hey... it worked.

4.  There IS such a thing as too much mascara.  Yes, there IS.  (yikes)

5.  Why is getting people to volunteer like pulling teeth?  (seriously, get it together, people!)

6.  I'm trying to save money on planning dinners a month at a time.  Anyone have any good and tasty ideas for Meatless Monday dinners?  They cannot include: gluten, dairy, or soy and must be tasty for 3 picky palates.  (good luck- we'll just eat some hamburger...)

7.  My boys are driving me a tad nutso by wrestling in the house.  Every day.  All day.  Sometimes Baby L. joins in.  My furniture is taking a beating... as is my walls.  (installing a padded room as we speak).

8.  I am not sleeping well and waking up with back aches every darned day.  (please send coffee.... and a new mattress).



Kathy said...

Big hugs to you dear friend, I miss you and your blogging. Happy to hear you might be returning to (or is it from?) the dark side? ;0) Oh, and I must see you soon. I have like 4 bins of clothes with L's name on them. :)

Anonymous said...

the weather is making everyone crazy! only a handful of weeks until spring :) at least, I hope!