Monday, September 2, 2013

Laboring on Labor Day

 -  Dave's van is out of commission at the moment. He is in the middle of a very large job.  What does this mean?  It means he's laboring on Labor Day.  With my van.  Which means I'm stuck here, at home, with three kids who all want to be on the move.  And not napping. (Baby L, I'm looking at you...)

- In other news, I have to fax a towing receipt to my insurance agency today or tomorrow.

- I've decided that given the choice between floral delivery and tow truck driver, I'd choose floral delivery.  There are less grumpy faces.

 - Our 1/3 cow has now run out in the freezer (well, except for the soup bones...which won't be used until winter).  We're trying to figure out if we bite the bullet and get more beef or just up the grocery budget a bit.

- I have a dentist appointment tomorrow.  My first in over 2 years.  Have I ever mentioned that I HATE the dentist?!?!?!  Seriously....despise, loathe....wish I never had to go again.  HATE.  Chances are I will be sick all night knowing I have an appointment in the morning.  Dislike.

- I need a new pillow.  My neck and shoulders are demanding it.

-  We need a new bed.  Both our backs are demanding it.

- I need to clean up my house.  Everyone is demanding it.  But yesterday, I caught Baby L. trying to put a dust bunny in her mouth.  Yes...I know, gross. 

- A. has had another growth spurt.  He's seriously a man-child.  I'm wondering how many more months I have before he's taller than I am.

- The Wal Mart near me is under construction to become a Super WalMart.  I don't shop there often, but ended up in there not long ago looking for something specific.  Turns out everything is on clearance.  Awesome.  Pants for $9???  (That I JUST saw at Kohl's for $36.99) Don't mind if I do.

-  C. has a cold.  (And so does Baby L. and myself.)  He came down this morning saying that he is all stuffy, and now his neck and chest itch.  These are asthma attack warning signs.  He and I are on high alert.  GAH!

-  I have already started Christmas shopping, and consider myself half-way there.  This makes me very happy.

- I'm sad to report that I need to start planning Baby L's first birthday party.  Sigh.  :(

-  I'm happy to report I had a GREAT night of sleep last night.  There's one thing that brightens my mood about my kids getting older: better sleep.

- Since this year also marks A's 10th birthday, we'll be planning his friend/at a business birthday party.  He's so excited, he can't see straight.  :)  I'm happy for him, not happy for our wallet!

- Happy Labor Day!


Joy and Randy said...

I refer to Devin as my man-boy all the time! He passed both of us in height last year. :(

Joy and Randy said...
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