Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Wednesday Ramblings

  • I'm home tonight.  Trying to beat this cold I've got going on.  A. has his Christmas service tonight for school.  I'm missing it.  However, I've left strict instructions with the husby on recording it for me.  AND, there's a sweet fellow mom there who is sending me media pics of A. all spiffed up in his suit.  (Which he picked out for tonight- much to my chagrin...I had to iron.).

  • Due to my state of snottiness...I'm really glad I made the treats for MOPS, neighbors and teachers earlier in the week- before I was contaminated.

  • I've heard that the stomach flu is going around our school.  Again.  Oh joy.  Where is that bubble for my family?!?!?

  • It needs to be said:  It cost us $800 to have A. in hospital bills.  $5000 to have C.  And now we're estimating that our bills for baby L. will come dangerously close to $10,000.  Why?  Obamacare.  ZERO for profit insurance companies now carry maternity coverage.  This is because the Obamacare legislation is mandating they cover so many other things, but not maternity.  So, they all dropped it.  Those of us who are self-employed have to either private pay the whole lot or go on the doles (Medicaid).  We are not dole-type people.  So....we start paying.

  • I am ready for Christmas.  But I need to get over this cold- so I don't get everyone else sick...and I can hold my new nephew Finn!

  • I'm sitting in front of a half-folded MOUNTAIN of laundry.  I have no ambitions to fold it tonight. Zero.  And I'm ok with that.

  • My dear friend, Melody, and her family are preparing to spend the holidays in Latvia helping at a day center there.  Please join me in praying for safe travels and for lots of sharing of God's love!

  • That's all I have for tonight.  I'm going to go sneeze in bed.  :)


Sarah said...

We're running into the insurance issue now that we won't be on Cobra anymore. Have you heard of Samaritan Ministries? We are looking into and I love the idea of it... just wondering your thoughts. :)

mrsmarkdave said...

I am so sorry that you have a cold. We had it in our house last week (me over the week-end), and my heart goes out to you big time. I had only myself to take care of. I didn't have to manage my home filled with little ones while feeling like death.So, I can't complain.
And your $10,000 bill that you get to pay for? Makes me see red.

Anonymous said...

Missed chatting with you on Thursday... the madness that is MOPS :) Hope you are feeling better and your friend, Melody, is a gem!