Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Tuesday Ten

1.  I'm hoping I actually get to 10- I kept baby L. up way to late last night, and she was a nightmare getting to sleep.  HOWEVER, once she did get to sleep (10:30 instead of 8), she slept straight through until 5:30 (instead of waking up at her usual 2am).  Awesomeness....HOWEVER, she's being a beast for naps this morning.

2.  Tomorrow is A's birthday.  Yep, 12-12-12 will be his 9th birthday.  I'm knee deep in reindeer cookies.  Although his class size is small at school, he wants to bring treats to Cadets tomorrow night.  For 50 kids.  Seriously.

3.  I had to laugh at myself this morning.  What I THOUGHT was hair spray in an aerosol can (and have been using as such for 1 year!) is actually a sleek/straight/smooth serum.  So, I'd spend an hour (ok...20 minutes) curling my hair and spray that baby up only to have it fall flat before I got to my destination.  I've been like "what is UP with my hair?!?!?  it won't hold a curl!!!"  Oh yeah....READ THE CAN!

4.  I picked up our Christmas cards at Costco yesterday.  And the dude forgot to give me envelopes.  So, now I get to run back to Costco today.  Have I ever mentioned how inconvenient these little stops are with a newborn?!?!?

5.  This week is our CRAZY Christmas/birthday week.  We have something every night until next week.  Every.single.night.  We started this craziness last weekend.  It's making me tired just thinking about it.  So...a week from today- my Tuesday Ten may look like this:  zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

6.  My heart is hurting for some friends of mine.  They are struggling right now.  Everytime I see them, I can see the stress written on their faces.  These are people I cherish.  Will you please keep them in your prayers?

7.  Ally has another ear infection.  And I need to get her some heart worm pills.  Pet Meds.com here I come!

8.  I am within reach of my pre-baby weight.  Like one good low carb week away from pre-baby weight.  (which won't happen until after Christmas- just being honest here!).  But, the wonderful gift of childbirth has reformulated where everything gets distributed.  So, clothes are ill-fitting and not comfy at all.  This is frustrating.

9.  My postaprtum check up went well last week.  Car door to car door was 24 minutes.  I love that OB.  Even though he has the personality of a neurologist, he's thorough and fast.  I dig that.  Funny:  there's a paper filled out for every complication in childbirth.  The nurse was going over my chart and kept saying "oh my!" every time she turned the page and read about the complications we had.  She said "oh my" four times.  SOOOOOO glad we're on the other side of that!!!

10.  We FINALLY have pictures hanging on the walls in our rooms!  I have some walls to decorate in our room, but baby L's nursery is FINALLY all done!  Whoot!  Pictures to come later.  :)

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Anonymous said...

The hair straightener/hair spray thing made me laugh out loud. Thank you.