Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Things I'm lovin' lately

There's a few things happenin' in our house lately

that makes me just love life that much more.

Little things like this that make me smile.

So, I took pictures:

Our dinner schedule:

I do this monthly.
But you can clearly see, I got a late start on this month.
However, it takes the guess work out of dinner,
helps control my budget,
and helps me keep a plan for sanity during the dinner hour.
I challenge myself to try 2-3 new dinners a month,
and this month have included 3 dinners that I can cook in bulk-
so I'll have some freezer meals for after baby. 
Helpful hint:  pencil is your friend on these.

This adorable outfit for baby girl: 
This was given to me from my friend, Sue, at my shower.
I honestly think you can never go wrong at Baby Gap.
The dress itself is totally cute...but the headband and boots?!?!?
Cute accessory overload!
We received some other REALLY cute things too, but since this is 0-3 mo, it's the only one
that's easily accessible.
GAH!  So cute!!!

Gorgeous weather: 
I cannot express how happy I am now that cooler temperatures are upon us.
Also, you like our make-shift goal post out there? necks to the core.

I'm ok with that.  :)

Honey Crisp Apples: 
Yet one more reason to LOVE fall.
I'm an apple addict.
Seriously- kind of going through 3-5 a day.
They're like candy.
It's insane.
Mmmmmm apple.

Coffee.  (Decaf, obviously) 
But I love it just the same.

Painter Dave came yesterday! 
Thanks to some rain the night before, the surfaces he was scheduled to paint yesterday
were too wet.
So he came to the Love Shack!
I was SO happy to see his van.
So far, he's stained the trim and 2 doors.
More staining tomorrow.
And then (fingers crossed!) spraying lacquer Friday!

Lucy's gluten free cookies. 
I keep them in the fridge...not sure why.
Perhaps I like cold cookies?
Anyway, I tried these at a gluten free fair, and fell in LOVE with them.
The texture is perfect, the calorie count is nice and low
(hello, serving size= 4 cookies!)
The cinnamon thins are totally yummy (especially made into s'mores, but that's a whole 'nother post)
but I tried these Ginger Snaps, and I haven't been able to find them anywhere since I sampled them.
And....finally.....last week, I found them.
They SANG to me from the aisle!
These ginger snaps are legen- (wait for it) dary.
Talk about SNAP!
Oh....they are soooo sooooo good.
Could it be my pregnant taste buds?
Could be, but these hum-dingers are amazing.

Picking paint chips:
With Painter Dave in the house,
I'm on the fast track to picking out colors too!
We have colors picked for her room and ours.
As you can see, I'm not intimidated by color.
Bring it on.  :)

On Sunday, C turned to me at church and said his feet were
squished in his Sunday shoes.
I looked...yep, a size and a half too small.
So, I went into the "shoe bin" and
grabbed the size 13 church shoes.
Wah-lah, C.'s feet no longer hurt.
Love this!
(By the way, I'm well aware that 4 of the 6 pairs of shoes shown in this pic are mine.)
I'm ok with that.  :)

My make-shift sewing area: 
It's in the future dining area,
but D. says I can keep it set up until I'm done sewing.
Half of the reason I don't sew more
is because it's a PAIN to pack it all up,
and then drag it all out again
just for 45 minutes of work.
So, now when I have a spare hour, I just sit down, plug in and start sewing.
Lovely. :)

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