Monday, June 25, 2012

My baby girl is a runner, pintrest, and a mis-match of weekend info

I laid awake most of the night on Saturday. 

No, not because I rented a sweet movie that made me think (The Vow).

No, not because my husband was out at a party, and I don't sleep well without him next to me.

Because my daughter decided to take up running.


Seriously, I think she's already completed her first marathon.


I completed about six of the 20 things on my list to do for the weekend.

And then I ran out of steam.

(see above:  no sleep on Saturday night)

One thing I did while taking a work break....I found my diaper bag.

Source: via Sandy on Pinterest

I was looking EVERYWHERE for a plain bag that looked normal.  Since I'm the one carrying it everywhere, I prefer not to accessorize with zebras and nursery prints. 

I found some sweet ones...but they were upwards of $175-$200.  Yeah, no.  Sorry, I'm not THAT vain.

We had a hunter green Eddie Bauer diaper bag for the boys (actually picked out by my husband, believe it or not), and we loved it.  It was the best quality, and only started to show signs of wear and tear AFTER we had carried it for 6 YEARS through both boys.  Then, I stuck it in our old family closet where it developed some mold spores (from the closet...), and met the trash bin.  (sad face)

So, to find another Eddie Bauerbag, but in PINK, and UNDER $30

...uh, yeah

...this is totally for me!

(oh yeah, and I have SCRIP from school, so I'm also earning tuition credit!  Double whammy!)


I also hit up some awesome garage sales this weekend. 

I'm learning that the best day to go isn't Saturday.  It's more like Wednesday or Thursday.

So...between the 5 garage sales I hit, I spent a total of $45.50.

Here's what I got:

A total of 17 full outfits (i.e. tops and bottoms),
22 onsies,
14 sleepers,
2 sleep sacs,
1 bathing suit,
3 sweaters/hoodies,
4 shirts,
1 pair of jeans,
1 bathing suit,
1 pair of Robeez shoes.

Here's a few of my absolute favorites!

Notice the lack of pink?


The bottom outfit is a baby Gap-
Shirt/jacket combo.
The jacket lining matches the shirt material.

It was too cute, and totally unpassable for $2.

And just so you don't think I can't get in touch with a little pink stuff,

here's some of my pink favorites:

I'd say that was a totally productive garage sale-ing experience.


Oh, and I've gone Pintrest CRAZY with decorating the house, namely baby girl's room.

So, here's a few pins that will give you an idea of where I'm least for now.  :)

Here's the color pallate I found in Pintrest:

(This goes VERY well with the bedding that my friend, Kathy, is giving us. 
And I LOVE the salmon pink accent color here!!!)

I like the "quilting" on the wall.  It's cute and dainty.  I won't be painting the walls gray- at all...but I like the affect. 

Source: via Sandy on Pinterest

I'll be doing some sort of craft like this, only larger with four instead of one.  And colored.
And not quite sure how to go about finding a larger pattern- or just grab a pencil and start going at it myself.

Hmmmm, what to do, what to do.

What I DO know is that I have a few FUN months of crafting and decorating in my near future! 



Sarann said...

Wow, great haul at the yard sales! I don't really have that much around here since I live in a tiny and very remote community. We will be redecorating and moving Austin to his new room next week after we have some company this weekend, so I will be getting the nursery all set up soon too.

Rach said...

PINK!!!!!! Sandy, this post made me smile. That's the second time you've made me smile today.