Monday, November 7, 2011

Not Me....Nope!

I really enjoy a good Not Me! Monday.  I really feel as though it's therapy and helps me realize that other mom's out there are just as scatter-brained or not-together just like me.  So, what say you...on with a Not Me! Monday!

-  I did not double....(or actually triple) book a day this week.  When one thing obviously trumps all others...resulting in a few disappointing emails to friends to reschedule.  Nope!  Certainly, I have it all together, and use the calendar on my fridge or the planner on my phone religiously.  I have it all together and am totally organized with my time.

- I did not threaten my children "no wii for a week" in order to get them to turn off the lights as they leave the room.  First of all, I would NEVER use screen time for bribery, (we don't have screen time in this house at all- screens rot brains....sha!)......and FURTHERMORE, I would never bribe my children.  Obviously, I have raised my children to be obedient "just for the joy of being an obedient child" and they are fantastic stewards of energy.

-  I did not steal 3 ok, ok...5 Reese's Peanut Butter cups from the Halloween stash.  Nope...certainly, I am on a strict eating plan, and I would never delve into the hard-earned candy stash of my children's labor.  I did not justify this by stating that I'm saving their teacher's from sugar-highed children for the next few days.

-  I did not tell C. that there wasn't enough protein shake mix for him, and then go ahead and make one for myself.  I am not a selfish horrible person and mom.  I do not put my uber narrow eating choices and nutritional needs before his.  Never.  I always choose to starve myself to give my child his whim choice of breakfast foods- even though I know he won't finish it and will spill it all over the car.  I certainly won't do that...bring on the spill!

What things have you not done over the past few weeks?


Anonymous said...

Heh - this just made me laugh... especially "just for the joy of being an obedient child" double heh!

Katrina said...

I enjoyed this post - some of the things I could have written myself! So funny!

Saw your link on McMamma's Not Me, Monday post. I'm a new follower of your blog :)

They All Call Me Mom

Unknown said...

Love it! And I would never do that with the candy, ever. Or the screen time, never never never. Well, at least not lately...........maybe