Thursday, December 16, 2010

The fearless one

When asked about differences between the two boys, I usually say:
                                    A. tends to be more apprehensive,
and C. jumps in feet first and asks questions later.

This has happened in almost every situation...until now.

We were at Walmart last weekend quickly (at least, TRYING quickly) returning a few things and picking a few other things up.  We had finished the loop, and I was starting to make my mad dash to the registers.

Then, we heard it...

"HO, HO, HO..."
(have you ever seen The Christmas Story?  That Santa?  Yeah...sounded just like him)

Then, he said it again...louder
"HO, HO, HO"

Only this time, he was motioning for us to come see him.

(sigh- so much for my mad dash to the registers...)

A. said he wanted to go see off we went.

A. walked right up to him and said,

"I'd like an official NFL football for Christmas this year, please, Santa."

He got a cookie, a candy cane, flashed a smile for the camera and left the "christmas area"

C., on the other hand....

I couldn't get him close to Santa.

He wanted nothing to do with him.

Wouldn't talk to him.

I told the picture elf to just snap the picture as soon as he looks up.

Finally took a cookie....after I played the middle man.

So much for my fearless one...


mrsmarkdave said...

that is hilarious. SO CUTE

Michelle B said...

That picture is priceless - love your hand poking in there! That part makes me laugh out loud!