Monday, December 6, 2010

ONE DOLLAR craft/ gift idea!

Yes, ONE dollar!

This is a great idea to make for those people that you want to give something to, but don't want to join the rabble of candles and lotions on the teacher's desk.

I found these at The Dollar Tree:
Just plain air tight flip lid glass jars.

I have a Cricut machine (the OLD schoool Cricut machine- it's old, but it does the job)
You do NOT need a Cricut machine for this craft.
These can be done by hand - you just need more patience than I'm capable of.  :)
I used the Opposites Attract cartridge, 2 1/2" width.  Medium pressure.

Do you see that black oval button?  Yep, fourth row down, fourth from the right.

I cut it out of clear vinyl Contact Paper:

You don't need the oval part, you need the outline part.

Clean a side of the jar and place it on the jar.

Make sure all the edges are sealed.

Then, using the same cartridge, but dialed down to 1".
I cut the word "yum."
(In order for this to show up right, you need to cut the vinyl with the clear side up)

Stick it to the middle of your oval.
Again, make sure all sides are sealed.

Pull our your Armour Etch acid and paint brush.
(Latex gloves too!)

When applying the Armour Etch, try to do a thick layer and apply it from the top down (like blotting it),
 not brushing on.
To avoid bleed through, go easy on the edges, but make sure you apply a thick layer.

Wait 90 seconds.

Wash off with warm water.


Fill with candy and giveaway to someone special.

Or, in my case, someone(s) special.


Brittney said...

Wow!!! That's so neat and creative!!! I want a Cricut sooo bad, they are so useful for so many things!

Mama M. said... are brilliant. Will you move to MN and be my neighbor? I could really use you around! ;)

Great idea!

Jill said...

LOVE THIS! Now that I have a Cricut I'll have to try this. My idea was under $1 too. Great minds... huh?