Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Deer hunting season FREAKS me out.

Ah, yes, my friends.

That time of year is upon us again.

Bow hunting season, rifle season...

Deer hunting.

As a child, deer hunting season was always celebrated by the men-folk in our family.

I understand that the men need to go kill it and bring it home.

I get it.

I actually encouage my husband to go on these hunts for a few reasons:

1.  No dishes for 3 days - paper products only.

Oh, the freedom.

2.  I usually get a bug up my butt and do something fun with the house that I normally don't do when he's here.

I go under the guise that its easier to ask for forgiveness than permission on this one.

I have big plans this year.

Big plans.

3.  My husband doesn't take vacations.  He does nothing for himself.  Really, nothing.  He's got a servant's heart, and sees no practical use for sport and golf leagues in his life.  This is the only time he takes to recharge his batteries.  I totally encourage recharging.

And I take this time he's away to recharge my laundry batteries.  :)

But his time away be it one or two nights...always ends up in some sort of issue for me.

And by issue...I mean
something not nice happens.

Let me explain

Four years ago, a bat decided to get into the house.

I felt something ssswwwwooooooopppp over my head when I got up to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night.


Flat sheets make great bat catchers.

Betcha you're glad to know this, right?

Not half as pissed as I am to know this to tell it to you.

Three years ago, I sprained my foot. 
C. was 3 months old.

I ended up on crutches.

With a baby

still in a baby carrier.

Then...2 years ago...

Ohhh, 2 years ago... be continued.


The Mama said...

Girl, you are a BETTER woman than me for sure. My hubs goes hunting every year, and I admit that every year, I HATE it. I am at home all day with the kids already, so for him to be gone even more time, an entire weekend, kills me.

So this time, I'm going shopping. :) All weekend. I'm actually excited

I can't wait for the "to be continued"

trooppetrie said...

for years my husband who shoots expert in the army goes hunting. the first several years I prayed he would not bring one home. finally I admitted it and he laughed because he was literally shooting nothing when everyone around him was.
so last year I promised to not pray he would not get a deer, guess what he came home with NO deer. hopefully he will have better luck this time

Heather said...

I hate cliff hangers! My husband doesn't go hunting, although he would love to.

Unknown said...

Life is indeed an adventure!