Wednesday, June 16, 2010

I should thank the Lutheran school for an awesome education, but I'm too embarrassed...

A. just finished kindergarten this month.

When he started the school year,
his teacher explained that not all kindergarteners
(approximately half- state wide)
are reading when the school year ends.

A. was working through the homework primers on his own. 
Sounding out words. 
Learning a little comprehension along the way.

I think I underestimated him.

I went to Meijer on Monday to pick up some groceries.

I had to look for some sole inserts for
Dave's boots to tide us over until we
can afford a new pair of Red Wings.

There was a specific kind I was told to get.

I'm looking and looking. 

C. is "helping" me.

A. goes to look at the clearance end cap-
which is approx. 2 feet away.

He must have slipped into the next aisle, because I hear a question from him:

(projected I can hear what he's asking)

"Mom?  What's rib-bid for her please....pleaser?


(trying to breathe here)

(Sandy control yourself, don't freak out!)

Yes, he found the family planning aisle.

I dropped all hunting for insoles,
and turned the corner to find my
six year old reading the box of Trojans
in his hands.

And of course, I can be as calm as I want...but the fact that my face was literally as red as a lobster totally gave me away.

So, while I'm totally impressed that my fresh-out-of-kindergarten son can read labels like that...I think I'll take that as a warning to keep him out of the health and beauty department...

...for the next 20 years.


Kathy said...! I am laughing out loud and Sabrina keeps saying "mom, what's so funny??" hehehe I love A, he made me smile without even trying. :)

Thomas and Jamie said...

Okay - I'm having to quiet myself down because my co-workers are going to wonder what's wrong wiht me! THAT is hysterical!!!!!!!

Joy and Randy said...

Isn't it a wonderful feeling to know that your child can read? :oD

Rach said...

Ha ha ha ha. Stinkin hilarious Sandy!

mrsmarkdave said...

Oh my gosh I am HOWLING! That is the best story EVER!