Saturday, October 24, 2009

Fun fall days

Have I ever told you that I love fall?

...Well, I do!

Spring and summer hold a lot of allergy issues for me (and Colin), so fall - when the air is crispy- allows for better breathing. Consequently, we start to come out of hybernation. Yes, yes...I know. We're a little backwards. But you do what you gotta go, right? (yes, I just wrote gotta. Sue me.)

So far during our short start to fall, we've managed to get one family outing (minus Dave), two pumpkin patches, and three tractor rides under our belt. Here's a few highlights:

MOPS Fall fun day
Colin loved the scarecrow. He kept saying, "CHEESE, mama!"
Oh, you want me to take your, ok.


This was taken on tractor ride #1 (sorry, no pic of the tractor)
We learned about the farm, we threw our apple cores at an apple core target, and picked up a pumpkin along the way.


Tractor Ride #2 was a nice private ride with my boys and my mom in my home town.

This was courteousy of my old church.

There was a wedding that day in those woods. They looked beautiful, but very very cold.

We also saw 5 deer in the woods on this ride.

Lots of fun!

Then to the pumpkin patch:

Colin had to sit on everyone he saw. Not sure where he gets that from.


Family fun day (minus Dave- who was home trying to work on the house).
This is one of the many "destination harvest trail" spots in my area.
This one is very close to my house, and not as commercialized.
There were no lines, reasonable rates, easy parking, and friendly workers.
Great way to spend a few hours on Saturday morning.

Straw maze:

Corn box:
I love whoever invented these! My boys love them!

They had tons of animals here.

The fav. of the day were the goats.
They had a castle like mountain to climb.

Tractor ride #3:
My favorite by far.

Colin was scoping out the pumpkin patch.

My tractor riding boys.

I wonder how many more tractor rides lie in our future?

Only time will tell.

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Brittney said...

Thanks for your comment on our home schooling post! We definitely enjoyed reading everyone's responses on it.

Also, fall is my favorite season! Not because of the allergies, but look at all the fun things there are to do! I hope you get a lot more adventures before it gets too cold!

Oh, and I loved the fall pictures in your previous post. So beautiful!