Friday, July 3, 2009

Week of Almosts...

In my Friday recap, there's really not much going on. This week was a week of almost's.
I almost met a friend for coffee, but she got sick
(pregnancy will do that to ya).
We almost had friends for dinner, but Adam was sick
(kids will do that to ya).
We almost met Dave's cousin at the zoo, but it was raining
(Mother Nature will do that to ya)
I almost had an entire week of no sugar
(pms will do that to ya).
I digress.
A few things did actually happen, though.
#31- Get Adam's hearing tested.
We actually took him to the ENT to get his tonsils and adenoids checked. My MIL observed episodes of sleep apnea when they were camping last month. Since you just don't mess around with apnea, requested a referral and got in this week. He said Adam's tonsils were "meaty." Nice, huh? Aren't you glad I shared that with you?!? ;) Anyway, when I told him that Adam failed a tympanogram two years ago, he walked us right over to audiology where they did a hearing screening and another tympanogram on the spot! I'm happy to say that he passed both within the normal range!!! Hooray! (Now I just need to work on the *listening* portion of the hearing with him.) By the way, his surgery for tonsils and adenoids is scheduled for July 14. Please pray! I'm really nervous.
#92. See a chick flick in the theater. (popcorn optional)
I'm a big Jodi Picoult fan. My Sister's Keeper was the first book of hers that I read. So, naturally when I saw trailers for the movie I was beyond excited! My friend, Jeanie, invited me to come with her two other friends, Cheryl and Sarah. I had a great time that night! Despite being tired beyond recognition (both boys were up and down all night), I really enjoyed myself and the company of these three women. I felt completely welcomed into their group, and really felt like one of the girls. These ladies really have the definition of friendship down. It was just a really good evening- and I'm grateful I stayed awake for the entire thing! By the way, the movie is decent. Loved the book, liked the movie. No popcorn for me, though. :)
(By the way, I'm totally aware that I could cross another dinner w/ Jeanie off (#61), but I'm opting not to do the 2 for 1 cross off- this way I have more excuses to meet up with her- I'm so sneaky like that...)


Sarah said...

Glad you came out for dinner and stayed for the movie!! :) we have to do it again sometime!

Sandy said...

Sarah, I'm glad I stayed too! I'd love to come out again with you ladies. I had tons of fun!!!