Monday, July 6, 2009

Gluten free: Day 17- More than half way there!!!

I've had a lot of people ask me how the gluten free thing is going, so I thought I'd post. I'm currently on day 17 of a 30 day strike from gluten.

I have noticed a few differences. The biggest one is that I'm not showing the same stomach discomfort that I have been experiencing for the past few years. I have been drinking Aloe Juice in an effort to stay off Prilosec (I really hate prescription drugs), but since going gluten free, I haven't needed the aloe juice!!!! Also, weird and achy pains that I had been having (shoulders, arms, hips, head, etc) have dramatically decreased! There's a few other things as well...but even for someone who doesn't usually have boundaries is putting up a boundary guys just don't need to know some things. :)

A few challenges I've noticed:
  • Maltodextrin- that stuff is in EVERYTHING!!! salad dressing, seasoned salt, ketchup, lemonade mixes, cottage cheese

  • No beer. I love a cold on in the summer. :( I'm not sure what alcoholic beverage doesn't have gluten in it, so I'm just not going there.

  • Eating out. This has posed a few challenges. But I made it through a dinner at BW3 completely intact and gluten free. :) I just need to avoid the fast food chains- everyone else is willing to accommodate a special diet.

  • Gluten free specialty items are a little pricey- to put it minimally. While I'm not going to spend a lot of money on them right now until after this 30 day trial is over, it could adversely affect our grocery budget in the future. Oh well!

Awesome things:

  • There's some awesome books, blogs, resources out in the community about gluten free living.

  • A gluten free diet is really very fresh and healthy.

  • I'm learning tons about lentils and legumes.

  • I'm meeting tons of people who have NCGI (non-celiac gluten intolerance).

  • Dave has been incredibly supportive, and enjoys my trying to expand my culinary imagination

  • I'm rediscovering the joy of unflavored rice cakes and natural peanut butter.

  • It's summer!!! Farmer's markets are an awesome place to pick up yummy in-season fruits and veggies!!! In addition, we have a little victory garden out back, and I harvested our first batch of lettuce (thanks for the tip, Marianne!) on the fourth of July. Super yum!!!

Some have asked me if I'm looking forward to eating bread/noodles again. Yes and no. I'm enjoying feeling good and eating healthy. I'm already planning my lets-try-gluten-again dinner in a few weeks. But, I'm really enjoying eating super healthy and fresh I may not go back all the way (if I have a choice in the matter). Time will tell!!!


Heidi said...

Hey- glad to hear things are going well on the gf diet! Ancient Harvest Quinoa pasta is to die for if you are craving some pasta...we buy it in bulk on amazon grocery

megan said...

thanks for your input on chrons, I will be trying some of things suggested to me! Thanks megan