Friday, February 27, 2009

18 Months

This post is a little late, since C. hit the 18 month mark on Valentine's Day. I figure, its close enough. C. has been so much fun to watch over the past 3 months (since the last post), and he's developed into quite a personality. Here's some highlights of his growth:

  • He weighs 28 lbs (75%) and is 34 1/4 inches tall (90%)
  • He had his first haircut two weeks ago- he really didn't need it in the front, but I HAD to get rid of the baby-mullet.
  • He loves music- especially a tune with a good beat.
  • His favorite words include: Whoa, uh-oh, buh-bye, uh-huh, nite-nite, mama, daddy and emma (grandma)
  • He thinks Molly's elevated water dish is his personal water table- the kitchen floor is usually wet.
  • He knows most of his body parts, but loves "butt" and "eyes" the best
  • He knows most animal sounds-and is especially enthusiastic about sheep, horsey and frogs ("bit-bit!")
  • He loves to color with A. and I, but I see him eyeing the scissors...stay tuned for what will happen with that one!
  • He loves to walk, run, climb, slide, you name it...if he's in motion, he's a happy boy.
  • He'll eat just about anything - except sauerkraut
  • He's learned how to open the bathroom door- no more privacy
  • He prefers to walk by himself if he can. He'll only accept my hand if he knows it will be slippery
  • He only cuddles AFTER I ask him, "are you ready for bed, C.?"
  • He's a little bit of a clepto- fortunately, he only has one hiding place, so I always know where to find something when its missing
  • He LOVES Molly. He tries to ride her, sit in her "lap" and read her books. Lately, I've found her hiding in the bathroom just to get away. :) He also "helps" me discipline her when I say "bad girl", C. will say "ma-mahhhhh no", then he'll start barking at her. I think he's trying to explain to her what she did wrong. :)
  • He's learned how to climb out of his crib- so we now have a crib tent to keep him safe. He loves it! And everytime I go to get him out after a nap, he always has to give mommy a kiss through the mesh. I love it.
  • We're finding that C. has quite the temper. If I tell him "no", he's very quick to turn over some toys or throw something. Hmmmm, wonder where he gets that from?!?!
  • Emily, our niece, has found that if you pinch his nose, he giggles.
  • His favorite books are Clifford books, but shows no interest in the cartoon- which is fine by us!
  • He has an intolerance to tomatoes- he's mostly outgrown the strawberry intolerance, but we're still playing it safe.
  • He already has his 2 year molars....crazy teething baby!

I'm such a grateful mommy. I love the fact that I have two boys who love each other. I'm just so thankful. Since Dave and I decided that we're probably done with the "baby" portion of our family, its fun to look back and be so thankful for all we have. It certainly has been a fun ride! We are really looking forward to this next stage in our family!


Lesley said...

cute post! Really, you are done? Ah, come on, join the chaos that is soon to be my life. :)

Kathy said...

Colin IS bigger than Sabrina! :) She's not quite 28lbs. yet and I don't think she's that tall either. hehe Awesome post Sandy, love to hear about your boys. Can't wait to see you guys! :)

Sandy said...

What can I say? I make sturdy boys! They will definitely be tall like daddy!

Liz said...

I'm glad to see that you posted his 18 months. It is so cute to read all of his likes and dislikes at this point.