Sunday, February 1, 2009

The Shopping List

Ever go through the super market and stop at an aisle thinking, "Should I pick up more of this? Nah, I just bought some last week." Only to get home and realize your husband put said item on the grocery list?!?!?

Now that we have two growing boys in the house, and they do have similar routines there are two items that keep popping up on the grocery list every week: Zyrtec and Eggos.
So, here's a plug for the two companies that Dave and I should probably be purchasing stock in.


Liz said...

I don't know if you ever go to Aldi's, but they have toaster waffles for around $1. They aren't multigrain, but we go through so many of them that I figure they can get their grain in some other way:).

Liz said...

Oh...and I am not sure if their is a generic equivalent to Zyrtec, but there is a Perigo outlet in Allegan that sells generic drugs super cheap. (Think infant Tylenol at 25 cents a bottle). It isn't expired or anything and is the same generic stuff you would buy in the stores. They just have the factory there, so it is the factory outlet for employees and the community in general. If you're interested in more info about it, let me know!