Friday, June 13, 2008

The Love Shack

We moved into our "Love Shack" in April, 2005.

All 780 Square Feet of it.

People thought I was cuh-ray-zee.

But it was less than 2 miles from Meijer, but nestled on a small dirt road.
City conveniences, country feel.
I loved that, I hated the house.

A. was only 15 months old. 

D. promised me we would start work on the addition within 2 years.

And while I was skeptical (I'm a realist) about the time line, I knew this husband of mine NEVER leaves anything unfinished.  I love this about him...even though I'm not like that at all.


We had paid off our old house, and sold it for full asking price.

With that money, we were able to pay cash for our new "home"
Do basic renovations to make it "livable".
(like all the quotations?...yes, I use those words sarcastically)

Completely overhauled the septic system (yes, cha-ching)

We had enough left over to start construction on our pole barn.

Then the well ran dry.

We needed to save more money in order to make the house work.

Insert a new baby (C.) and the new hospital bills into the mix...


Then, we had almost enough...

So we pulled the trigger and started digging.

As we had cash, we built.

We're so close to moving into the addition, I can almost taste it.

But close only counts in horse shoes and hand granades...

So, for the meantime, we live in the Love Shack.

Why do I call it the Love Shack?

"Cause it will take a whole love of Lovin' to keep me sane in that Shack."

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mrsmarkdave said...

i love this story!

Jess said...

Your sarcasm is hilarious. And now I'm thinking that we should change our wireless internet name from "lover birds" to "love shack." Or maybe "the house of lovin'" Hmmmm to much?