Friday, June 13, 2008


A. was 4 1/2 years old as of yesterday. He is turning into my little man. He's a great big brother, but he still needs to work on sharing toys that were exclusively his for three and a half years. He loves spending time with D. doing what he calls "boy things." This morning, D. was working on the house, and A. realized that his plastic Bob the Builder tool belt wasn't the real deal. So, D. made a hole in one of his old belts and gave A. an old tool pouch. A. was very proud of it. He came to get me so I could watch him swing his hammer and pull the nail out with the claw. I was impressed!

A. was in a speech and language development preschool last year, and he loved it. He'll be continuing with the same teacher next year, only in the afternoons. It was incredible to watch him come out of his shell last year. He went from a timid and anxious toddler to a confident little boy. I'm so proud of him! Shortly before school got out, his class went on a field trip to the local Zoo.

More pics of A. over the past few months:

In Uncle Ryan's and Aunt Nicole's wedding.

Our Jamician snowman

Running in the sprinkler fountain ata local sprinkler park. Yes, that's my son running in socks and sandals.

A. made this crab hat in school. He is very proud of it.

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Lesley said...

Good work Sandy! I'm proud of you.