Monday, June 10, 2013

The gosling

I was on my way home from church yesterday.

There are a few roads that I travel on this route that have a lot of fowl.

Geese to be precise.

Every spring, I watch all these little families of geese waddle along side the road.

It's kinda fun to watch them grow.

Yesterday, a mama goose and two gosslings were trying to cross the road.

They were headed into the lanes opposite mine.

Most of us who travel this road know to keep an eye out for these feathered friends.

Not this guy...

He barreled right down the road. (yes, on his phone...I'm totally judging him)

Hit a gossling and mutilated its tiny body.

The mother just a few inches from her baby...

...I saw her beak open and I heard her cry.

My heart broke for a goose.

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Anonymous said...

Good thing I'm not hormonal or this would have made me cry, but I can't think about it to much, otherwise I totally will. Darn you.