Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The wedding


Wedding Day Valentine's Extravaganza

I just couldn't leave you hanging at the engagement, could I?

At dinner after our engagement, Dave actually suggested we get married on Valentine's Day.  That would have given me approximately 4 months to plan the shin-dig.  Doable, yes.  But I opted not to.  Primarily because I was in two weddings that spring and it probably would have been too much.  Looking back, I probably would have gone for it...but we didn't.  It was a great day- here's the story.

We went for a September wedding.

September 22, 2001

You historians out there will realize that's 11 days after 9-11.

It was a beautiful day.  I spent the morning at my favorite hair salon with my mom, mom in-law (to be)  bridesmaids and a few friends getting our hair and make up done.  We had momosas, fruit and blueberry muffins.

After we were ready, Dave and I made the decision to see each other first and get pictures taken before the ceremony.  We had about 5 minutes alone before anyone else saw me.  I remember that 5 minutes better than any other moment in the day...well, almost...there's a lot of other moments I remember as well.
This is quite possibly my favorite picture of the day.  My nephew, Hunter was only 3 at the time.  My niece, Emily was only 23 months old.  We were warned not to have little ones in the wedding, but these two were awesome.  They were so good.  They walked perfectly down the aisle (linked arms even!) to my mom who was waiting with a babysitter to take them down to the nursery.  Seriously, they rocked!  On the video, you can hear a collective "Awhhhhhh" when they made their appearance.  I love these kids.
We had a large wedding party- 6 on each side.  Wouldn't change it now if you paid me to.  The interesting part was fitting a bunch of different body types, personalities and budgets.  After shopping with them all, I found a seamstress who would help me design them and totally rocked on the budget.

I loved my flowers.
I loved my bridesmaids.
I love the fact that we purchased our unity candle in Germany
(and smuggled it home in my mom's carry-on so Dave wouldn't see it and get freaked out because we had only been dating for 7 months at the time)
I love that a graphic designer friend of ours designed our invitations.
I love that my elementary art teacher made the banners in honor of our wedding.
I love that my dad turned into a soprano when he gave me away.
I love that God chose me to marry Dave.

We took the trolley to the beach afterward for some pictures.  On the trolley, Dave and I stood on the back deck and waved to people driving by.  There was a mommy and little girl walking on the side of the road and when I waved to her, she jumped up and down with excitement.  Totally made me feel like a celebrity.  Loved it.

We also stopped really quick at a local tavern to sing "Happy Birthday" to one of my bridesmaids and purchase our wedding party a round of drinks.

Then to the reception for dinner, drinks, dancing and lots of fun.

Quite honestly, one of the best.days.ever.


Jenna said...

Wow that sounds like so much fun!!! Your wedding was beautiful! I love the colors of the bm dresses!!

Stephanie said...

Thank you for sharing your love story! I thoroughly enjoyed it!

Lyndsay said...

Thank you for sharing your special day. I have really enjoyed reading it!

Personalized Sketches and Sentiments said...

The photo of you two by the stained glass is beautiful.

And the first wedding photo you shared is great. the reason why you "smuggled" your unity candle.

Blessings & Aloha!

Rach said...

Loved the wedding pictures Sandy. Looks like you guys had a good day rain!

Laura said...

What a perfect day and your pictures are beautiful!!

Pixel Perfect said...

I had no idea there was another wedding day blog hop. I was totally MIA in the blogging world last week! Your wedding was beautiful! And I planned my wedding in 4 months....doable but very stressful!