Sunday, September 2, 2012

Counting my Blessings (51-60)

Well, how do ya like that?!?!?

So far, I've managed to make this a Sunday afternoon habit. 

So, without further adieu:

51.  I'm exponentially thankful for friends with pools who let us come swim for a few hours.  And for being able to find my ankle bones and tan lines afterward.

52.  For an awesome school to send my kids to.

53.  For the Tigers win last night.  (this is where we will not mention U of M football...ahem)

54.  For Tylenol- even though it's only marginally effective.

55.  For the fact that I can take much-more-effective ibuprofen in about 7 weeks!

56.  For the fact that my boys can reheat some leftovers- all by themselves- for lunch.

57.  For Glutino Vegetable flavored crackers.  Gluten free carb-loading yum.

58.  For being this ----{  }------ close to having all our thank you notes done!

59.  For my PTL Treasurer.  Really.  She's a livesaver.

60.  For TRIM going up around the windows!!!  Yahoo!

1 comment:

Sandra Tyler said...

Gosh my boys only went back to school today! Ay too late for me!