Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Bad news/ good news

Good news:  C. is on the mend.
Bad news:  He's so jacked up on steroids, the poor boy will probably be awake and wired until October.

Good news:  I had an AWESOME time with Melody at The Melting Pot last night!!!
Bad news:  Apparently, I'm not used to hoity toity bathrooms, and accidentally squirted MOUTH WASH on my hands (instead of soap).  And even after multiple washes and a shower, my right hand is still smelling minty fresh.

Good news:  My husband has never been busier with work.
Bad news:  It's all going to go to medical bills.  (i.e. we're still broke)

Good news:  Lacquer gets sprayed this week (with a bit fat HOPEFULLY behind it!!!)
Bad news:  We need to move out for a few days- especially now that C. is having breathing issues.... meaning our family will be separated for a bit.

Good news:  My friend has offered her house during the school week. 
Bad news:  She won't be there, and I'll miss her.  :(

Good news: It's taco night tonight.
Bad news:  What?  There's no bad news with taco night....other than the heartburn that comes with it!  But, since it's a low-maintenance dinner, I get a nap!  (again, big fat hopefully!) 

Good news:  Many of my pregnant friends are past their due dates....meaning by law of proportions or ratios (or whatever), that should increase my chances of going at least a few days early, right?!?!?!  (Thanks for pointing that out in the first place, Michelle!)
Bad news:  My friends are a tad cranky at my pointing this out.  And are probably now praying that I go 3 weeks late.  (GAH!)

Good news:  the state of cleanliness in my house is enough to drive me to the brink of insanity.
Bad news:  Insanity doesn't necessarily equal motivation.  **yawn**

Good news:  C. is sleeping well, eating again, and appears to be on the mend from his cold virus.
Bad news:  He has given it to me....and, I think his brother.  Or it could be allergies.  Time will tell. 

Good news:  It's been about 3 weeks since Ally's last potty-in-the-house incident!
Bad news:  We're about to mess her schedule and safety net up for the next 4-5 days....this usually results in some rebellious behavior.  Time will tell.

Good news:  After my blog post and facebook post on C's breathing condition Sunday night, we've received so many calls, cards, and emails offering help, love and prayers.  Our little family feels so loved.
Thanks, everyone!!!

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Anonymous said...

since I'm the one who pointed this loveliness out, I think you're off the hook for people praying for you to go late ;) I'll take it all on myself and be 18 years late - meaning NEVER going to have another kid again :) Or a huge SURPRISE, like my own sweet self.