Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Ten on Tuesday

Or just another name for a random list....  that's numbered.

1.  A high school friend had her baby two days ago.  She was due a week after me.  I'm fighting bitterness.  But am happy to report that baby Sophia is healthy.

2.  Last week, a 33 year old acquaintance passed away.  In her sleep.  She was a good friend of my sister-in-law.  The autopsy was inconclusive.  She had 5 kids.  This is a tragic thing, breaks my heart, and scares me out of my wits.  I'm so sad for her friends and family trying to make sense of it all, and pray that this brings them closer to God.

3.  Another high school acquaintance's baby daughter received her heart transplant yesterday.  I remember her from high school, but didn't know her well.  But I've been praying for Hannah Mae.  This morning, she's recovering in the NICU with a new healthy beating heart!  We praise God for this miracle, and keep the family of her angel in our prayersWhat a gift.

4.  C. had a pretty good night last night.  Praise God!  He's still home with me today since he still has breathing treatments every 6 hours through tonight.  Hopefully, he'll be ready to go back tomorrow.  I must tell you....thinking about the other night still scares the crap out of me.  He was so gray.  I hope that never happens again.

5.  My husband texts now.  (did I mention that yet?  Well, he has since last Dec....)  I love it.  I love flirting with him on text.  And joking with him.  It's a good thing he knows I'm obnoxious.  :)

6.  I had a nice visit with an old friend last week.  But in spending that time with her, I realized why we're not that close anymore.  Which made me say a prayer of thanks for where I'm at now and the wonderful people God has placed in my life at this very time.

7.  Something is up with my Facebook feed, and I can see all these stranger's updates- because some of my friends either commented on them or liked them.  This is annoying to the highest degree.

8.  I have a fun night planned with one of my favorite people!  Oh how I love fondue.  :)  And Melody.

9.  Over the weekend, I decided to pack some bags for the hospital (one for me, one for her...they're small bags).  This only means one thing:  she's going to be late.

10.  I feel like I'm behind in everything:  MOPS stuff, PTL stuff, work stuff, cleaning stuff, everything.  Other than taking a nap and pretending these things don't exist, I'm not sure how to rectify this situation.  Sigh.  Then again, that's what got me into this situation in the first place.  That, and my inability to say "NO."

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