Wednesday, September 5, 2012


My husband recently told me that our first house was foreclosed on.

It made me sad.

Sad because I still love that little house.

And sad for the couple that were star-gazed newly-weds when we sold them that house.

And now, they're getting foreclosed on.

It made me think about events that probably had to transpire for them to stop paying

their mortgage payment and loose the place where they live.

And sad that our once lovely house is sitting vacant. 

With no one to love her.

So, with an hour to kill - stuck on the other side of town - I stopped by our little bungaloo.

Dave did all new vinyl siding and roof in our first year of marriage.

And new windows.

I made the landscaping happen - which they pruned down to nubs.


They left crap laying everywhere.

The carpeted those BEAUTIFUL wood floors that Dave spent

SO much time refinishing.

They painted the walls from antique white to a pretty beige-

I applaud them for that!

Dave would NOT let me touch the color on the walls in the living room.

This was our itty bitty backyard.

Yep...that was all of it.

We had a little victory veggie garden in the corner.

It took Dave 5 minutes to mow it...with a weed wacker.

One time, we were watching our niece Emily when she was about 2 years old.

She came outside, and said "Uncle Dave, where's your yard?"

He said, "You're in our yard."

She replied, "Where'd it go?"

We laughed.

This is the kitchen.

I had it painted a pretty butter yellow.

They've obviously stipped all the appliances out of it.

The stove goes under that ledge,

the refrigerator goes on the other side of that wall.

Even the kitchen sink has been stripped out!

See those little windows up there?

That's where Dave and I used to sleep.

It was our loft style bedroom.

It was cute.

That was our little house.

Then it was someone else's little house.

Now, it's the bank's little house.

I just pray that someone else will come along and love that little house as much as we did.


mrsmarkdave said...

I can understand. That would make me very sad, too!
My parents recently sold their home of 33 years (they moved in when I was 9 months old. Not sure how this all works since I'm not a day past 27), and my dad put his blood, sweat and tears into that house. I was so paranoid at first that the people who moved into the place would trash it.

Lesley said...

I remember that house! So sad...