Sunday, September 30, 2012

Counting Blessings 91-100

What a week!

91.  My NEW NEPHEW, Finn!  Actually, Griffin Mayes, but they're calling him Finn.  He's adorable and has totally chubby cheeks.  I can't wait to get my hands on him!

92.  My family all under one roof.  The boys and I spent 2.5 days out and about away from home.  Only being able to see Dave in little spurts here and there was really rough.  I wasn't a fan.  We arrived home for dinner last night, and we're ALL soooo happy to be together again!  (Including the DOG!)

93.  Carpet samples.  I'm picking a carpet for our bedroom from carpet samples.  For some reason this makes me feel so grown up....and like the completion of a few finished bedrooms is on the horizon.

94.  Farm shares.  Melody shared her share with me last week- since they were out of town.  (Thanks, Mel!).  It's interesting to see what you walk away with, and also more interesting to challenge yourself to cook with new and interesting fresh foods.  I dig that.

95.  T-Bone steak.  It's what's for dinner tonight.  Mmmmmm, grass fed beef.  Mmmmmmmm.

96.  Healing.  After last week's scary Sunday night episode with C, I'm happy to report he's on the mend.  He took his last dose of oral steroids on Friday night, and we'll continue breathing treatments through this week....but he's sleeping and eating again.  And he's on the mend.

97.  Tomorrow is a new month.  New month = new (full) envelopes.  The last few months have run short (i.e. too much month at the end of the money).  This is usual for us in the summer....fall usually slows down a bit.  I'm looking forward to that.

98.  Window treatments.  Thanks to pintrest for the inspiration to make window treatments for Baby Girl's room.  Now I just need to get off my bootie and do them.  You know, CAUSE THE LACQUER IS DONE!!!!  Woohoo!

99.  Farmer's Markets.  My mom brought A. to the farmer's market yesterday.  He always gets kettle corn and donuts there.  (yeah....let's talk about irony on that for a second....but the kettle corn is amazing!).  She brought back some Honey Crisp apples for me.  Two of them are as big as my dog's head.  They make me drool.  I'm saving them for a special occasion.  :)

100.   It's almost October!!!  DUE DATE MONTH!!!!  YES YES YES!

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Anonymous said...

I especially love the last one - I still can't believe you are having a baby! Cannot wait!