Wednesday, September 12, 2012

My high-maintenance birthday wish list

I am NOT a high-maintenance woman, by nature.

I'm more of a practical head-on-straight (most of the time) gal.

I don't need a lot of stuff....

I don't care to impress people around me....

I'm not impressed by people with stuff....

But a friend of mine asked me a question the other day....

...and my answer led me to believe that I've grown a tad bit
high maintenance in these late stages of pregnancy.

At least, I'll blame it on the pregnancy, and hope that I return to

                                                                   normal, practical Sandy afterward.  :)

She asked me:

"What's on your ultimate 36th Birthday wish list?!?!?"

My *ultimate* list?!?!?

Hmmmm, I started to think.

A housekeeper.

Source: via Sandy on Pinterest

Just a one-time-only deep clean.  That's it.  I normally take great pride in taking care of our home.  I found a decent schedule to keep up with is, but this pregnancy and work and kids and ....just life..... has left me floundering.  Life is just so busy, and I'm far behind.  I'll look at everything that needs to be done, and want to cry.  I just need someone to come in, deep clean, and give me a good clean slate to start over.

A pedicure.

Source: via Sandy on Pinterest

My old pedicure from Emily, and the one I gave myself after that have long since worn off.

The whole pedi-thing has a funny story.  When I was pregnant with A, I treated myself to a pedicure shortly before I was due.  Dave (who had never heard of me getting a pedi before) was a tad put off by the cost, but didn't complain too loudly- since I fit it into the monthly envelopes.  He snarkily said, "Like you're going to be in the throes of labor thinking 'gee, I'm so glad I got that pedicure."

So...there I was in the middle of pushing- during a *rest* period, and I said, "Hey babe....I'm so glad I got that pedicure."  He laughed!

So, for a Mother's Day present when I was pregnant with C, he gave me a gift certificate for a pedicure.  (Probably knowing I would spend the money anyway....he just got credit that way- he's a smart, smart man!).  I saved the certificate to use closer to my due date- for which he was grateful.  Again, middle of labor, " glad I have pretty feet."

Yeah, I'm almost 5 weeks away from having my feet in the air...and they are NOT pretty feet.  I'd like to have pretty feet.  However, there are calluses, nasty chipped polish, and just general ugliness.  I think this one *could* be considered a necessity.  Right?


Source: via Sandy on Pinterest

I am a big fan of Dansko shoes.  I found them 4 years ago after I started having ankle/knee/ and hip pain.  I have extremely flat feet.....EXTREMELY- and wearing cheap shoes had affected my joint alignment.

My friend, Alisha, turned me on to Danskos, and I love them.  Bad thing- they're NOT cheap.  I've worn my Danskos for 4 years now, and I had hoped to get a 5th year out of them...but no go.  The souls are unevenly worn, and the addition of our puppy has added some shredding on the back of both shoes.  They need to go.  I need arch support.  Size 43 please.

I saw these tooled clogs in Kentucky- on my cousin Kate's feet.  And I fell in love with them!  (I have the plain jane black ones) Unfortunately, they're not on the discount sites online....and they're rarely on sale.

But I LOVE them!  And I need arch support!
Again, a necessity, perhaps?

Bathroom stuff

We're pretty close to having enough to finish the addition on the addition of the house.

Except for the expensive stuff.  This includes lighting, vanity, vanity top and mirror.  It doesn't help that I have specific tastes in decorating, and I really don't want to settle.  Sure, we could do it inexpensively....but it will look cheap.  We've spent 7 1/2 years doing this house- only to make it look cheap?  Nah.  So, if we need to wait a year to do it right, we will....but if some birthday fairy wants to send these things my way, well, I won't complain one bit.

Wanna see some of my favorites?

This is my favorite lighting piece.  However, Dave and I just talked about it last night, and think that there won't be enough light coming off this piece.  Other than the shower light, this is the only light in the entire bathroom.  I love the mirror too! 

So, we may have to go with something like this:

Along the same lines....just a brighter shade.

And the vanity I've got my eye on:  (sorry for the blur!  You can check it out on if you need a crisp pic- it's on sale for ONLY $690- gah!)

Source: via Sandy on Pinterest

Other smaller things include:

- date night with my husband (already on the calendar!)
- fondue night with Melody (again, already on the calendar!)

And totally unnecessary things, but still in the back of my mind are:

- portrait and fish-eye lenses for my camera
- a weekend get away
- ice cream cake  :)

Even though these are things I like  LOVE, they are just that- things.

Having them will make life fun, yes....but in reality, they're not exactly necessities.

I know this.

So, come October 6, I know that my having a great birthday is
not directly contingent
on my receiving any of these things mentioned above.

I'm so fortunate already.

So, just the fact that I have a fantastic family, a daughter on the way, amazing friends, and lots of love surrounding me...

well, what more could a girl possibly ask for?!?!?


Anonymous said...

I love this list... I would be super happy with #1 and the rest, just icing on the cake - ps, you're not at all high maintenance in my book ;)

Jess said...

I love the pedicure wish! When I had my son, I made comments about how I hadn't taken the time to shave my legs or re-paint my toenails. lol Oh, the things we concern ourselves with even in the midst of childbirth. I think I am going to take your advice and get myself a nice pedi a few weeks before I'm due! Woo-hoo!

Sarann said...

Fun list! My birthday is Oct. 8 so my husband was talking about my gift the other day. He was wanted to have a band added to my wedding/engagement ring with the kids' birth stones, but I told him we should wait since I quit my job and we are living on one income at the moment. I need to come up with an alternatives list for him, I'm liking the pedi!