Sunday, September 16, 2012

Counting Blessings 71-80

Another week of counting blessings.

And showing gratitude.

I'm feeling more wealthy by the week!

71.  I'm so thankful for a mom who loves my joints enough to grant me a birthday wish.

72.  For fun people who leave sweet generous gifts here and there....and everywhere.  Making me and this little one feel so loved.

73.  For MOPS starting this coming week!  Whoot!

74.  For being one week closer to meeting my daughter.

75.  For that unabashedly warm-fuzzy smile my husband gets on his face when he feels the baby kick in response to his voice.  Ohhhhhh, melt my heart!

76.  For rain in the upcoming forecast.  (Not wanting to count chickens before they're hatched, but if you could pray for LOTS of rain, that would be GREAT!  I'll explain later).

77.  For an AMAZING recipe found on Pintrest.  Amazing.  Oh, my belly is so happy.  More on that later.

78.  For date night.  With the hottest guy on the planet.  :)

79.  For neighbors who drop fresh garden grown veggies off on our door every Sunday morning.

80.  For Q-Doba allowing me to combine tons of coupons- resulting in feeding my family of 4.6 (plus appetizer!) for $7.62.  Awesome.

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