Monday, October 1, 2012

Phoning it in

I've been a busy little bee lately.

Sometimes I forget I can take pictures on my phone.

Although, it's not a smart no instagram for me.

But...hey, documentation is documentation, right?!?!?

Here's some random pics from the past few weeks:

On the way home from my parent's house on Saturday.
After being in two different houses for two different nights.
We were all tired.
(Notice the cashed out puppy in the lower right corner)

There's something so sad and vulnerable about seeing your
kid with a breathing mask on.  :(

But he's on the mend.

The view from my make-shift sewing table.
Now sitting there for 2 1/2 weeks.
It's a pretty view, but not a pretty area (I'm messy).

Nesting at its best.
While the boys were at school, I went through every last blessed toy.
I threw half of them away.
It's dark, but there are 2 1/2 trash bags here....
I was ruthless.
But cleaning up before bedtime has never been better.
Simple living:  I'm loving it!

This was an AMAZING baby gift waiting for me at school a few weeks ago.
It's EVERYTHING I need to start up Baby Girl's scrapbook.
The colors are PERFECT, and there's not ONE "princess" thing to be found.
She knows me SO well.
I'm excited to jump into this!
(Perhaps I should start on C's scrapbook first, maybe?!?!?)

Labor Day weekend.
I had a headache, and stomach ache, and opted to sleep instead of head to church.
D. took the boys.
He got them dressed.
I came up for Tylenol after they got home.
This is the outfit I saw.
I love husbands.  :)

Same Day.
This was A's outfit.

This is the score board from a birthday party that both boys were invited to at the end of summer.
It was at a local arcade/kid's park, etc.
They got to play a game of laser tag.
C. blew them all away.
All of them.
He never got hit.
I think he was so much shorter than all the other kids, he just slipped in under the radar.
The highest score next to his was 7,000.
C's score?  13,000
Oh yeah.

Enjoying the fruits of our "reading" labor.
Thank you summer reading program.
Noodles & Co.

Baby girl's dresser redo.
The finished product.
It had bugs stenciled all over it.
I'm not a stencil kind of gal.
I went shabby chic.
What you really can't see is that I painted the purple under the corners and edges,
then painted the white over it, and sanded some of it down.
Her changing table will go on top.
Yay, baby!

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Anonymous said...

Those church outfits are all kinds of awesome. Much like the time Simon took one of the boys to church in an AC/DC t-shirt - at least yours was appropriate, though not matching.