Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Winding down the pregnancy edition

I had my 37.5 week visit this morning.

Let's just say that my weight gain wasn't stellar.  But apparently, I've started swelling.  At least, that's what my Dr. is blaming it on.  Meh....I'm now taking the thought of "I've behaved and stayed well within my calorie, it is what it is." 

I've got about 2-3 weeks before I need to really worry about getting that weight back in the meantime, my body is just going to do what it's going to do.

The Dr. said that she's ready for me to deliver anytime.  I'm happy to hear that, but not getting my hopes up for early-early delivery....just a gut feeling.  I think she's comfy in there.

She's also fiesty.  (like her mama).  The Dr. confirmed she's head down, but as soon as Dr. grabbed her head, she started kicking and hitting at the Dr's hand.  Like, "LADY!  GET OFF!"  She's already trouble, I tell ya.  :)

So, I think we're ready for her arrival.  My bags are (partially) packed.  The bassinet is ready.  Her clothes have been laundered and put away.  The changing table is set up in the dining room- for now.  Her rocking chair has been recovered.  Diapers and wipes ready.  I believe we have just about everything we need for her - with the exception of our bouncy seat.  Apparently, I either sold it or gave it away.  But I'm not too worried about that at the moment.

In addition, since it's raining here in Michigan today, our NINJA painter is here putting color on the nursery walls and our (new) bedroom walls.  It's lovely to see color go up!!!  We ordered carpet last night.  That takes 1-2 weeks to come in, and then we have to schedule installation...but after that, we can load everything right up.  It will be SO CLOSE- if she's on time.

In the meantime, I'm scheduling things like meetings, and GNO's....hoping that will jinx me into delivery.  AND I'm laundering, ironing and hanging many maternity clothes to put in our MOPS consignment sale.  I hung onto the baby stuff in the past- just in case - because nothing permanent had been in place.  I'm beginning to think that it either jinxed me (ha!) or I perhaps knew on a spiritual level that God wasn't quite done with our family. 

This time it's different.  The feeling is different.  There's no more wondering about "maybe one more...."  There's contentment....there's peace. 

So, I have no problem getting rid of the baby stuff after we're done with it.  Starting with the maternity clothes!


mrsmarkdave said...

It seems like time has gone SO FAST! I got to hold a newborn baby last Thursday who weighed only 6 lbs. She was SO TINY I couldn't even believe it. I don't think I've ever held a baby that tiny before.
Then, my brother in law's wife had a baby sometime in the last 24 hours. Not sure when. We haven't officially been told, yet. 10 lbs 8 oz. YIKES! I know I've never held a newborn baby that big before.
Anyway, I pray for you a safe final 2.5 weeks and a safe delivery :-)

Mama M. said...

:) C'mon baby girl!!!!! I can NOT wait to meet her.

Kathy said...

Getting SO close!! I can't wait to meet her. :) And I still have my bouncy seat if you want it. Just let me know. :) Hugs!!