Tuesday, October 9, 2012

36 years old, 38.5 weeks pregnant, and nesting.

I didn't realize it had been so long since I posted a picture of myself. 

Until C. reminded me just how long it had been since I allowed him to take a picture of me.  :)

So, here I am....EARLY yesterday morning.

I look high.  And tired.

Well...I'm 36.  It's early in the morning....and I am tired.  :)

Side shot!

So, yeah...that's me.  36 Years old.

38.5 weeks pregnant.

In addition,

I've been nesting.

While I still can't do much in her room...I'm feeling the need to organize everything.

Which REALLY is unlike me.

The first item on my organizational list was our mud room.

It seems to end up a LARGE dumping ground for ....well, everything.

Which irks me...

...and if it irks me, it REALLY irks my OCD husband.

And it's the first thing we all see when we enter the house.

So, I took over.

With hooks.

And labels.

And clip boards.

Book bags get hung up right away when they get home, and all papers that pertain to the boy's school work or extra curricular activities goes on those clip boards (instead of on weak magnetic clips on my fridge).

So far, it's worked out great!  My fridge is freed up, and the book bags
(and folders, books, and everything else)
aren't all over the mud room floor.

Then- I went through all the coats.

I packed up everything that was out of season,
too small,
or if I was just plain sick of looking at it.

I printed out some initial labels on my Cricut,

And wah-lah....

We each have our own hook!

(Yes, I have one printed for baby girl!!!  But it's hidden until she gets home, :)

We have been doing what we can do in the baby's room.

We're (im)patiently waiting for the carpet to come in so we can schedule installation.

In the meantime, we can install light fixtures and window treatments!

My parents gave us baby's light fixture as a baby/ new house warming present.

A mini-chandelier!

It came with cloth gloves for installation.

Apparently, they think that only women are installing these mini-chandeliers- because the gloves did NOT fit Dave.  We had a good laugh.  :)

So...here's the mini-chandelier installed.

And the start of her window treatments.

Look closely:  this will be the ONLY time you see mini-blinds in my house!

(They are the start of the tutorial I was following on Pintrest).

Sorry about the quality of the next two pics- they were phone pics so I could send them to my friend, Gina.

But, here's the finished product!

Roman Shades!


And open:

Custom roman shades for two windows for UNDER $50 total?!?!? 

Yep, I'll take it!

Hmmmm....what can I organize next?!?!?!?


mrsmarkdave said...

What can you organize next? My house :-)

Kathy said...

I love how you organized the mud room - totally stealing the clipboard idea! And that mini chandelier is AMAZING. Baby girl is one lucky lady already. :-)

Mama M. said...

Oh my gosh...those blinds!!! And your mudroom!! Can you come here? I'll deliver your baby in exchange for you organizing my house. Deal? Okay, see you soon...

Anonymous said...

Those blinds are awesome - I need a tutorial myself (in all your spare time).

Anonymous said...

PS you look adorable in those photos and D and the gloves cracks me up!

Donna said...

Hahahah...I have OCD normally with cleaning, I was a terrorist when I was pregnant!! You look great, even if you are tired :)