Sunday, October 14, 2012

Counting Blessings 101-120


102.  I'm also thankful that I didn't stroke out when Valverde was pitching.

103.  Yummy orange juice (without pulp).

104.  I'm thankful that I can say "go find some church clothes, please."  and both boys know how to find appropriate attire and dress accordingly.  Without my having to help- at all.

105.  Cheap family film festival movies.  The boys and I went to see Madagascar 3 yesterday for a grand total of $3.99.

106.  Carpeting - that gets delivered on Friday.  (yes, my actual due date).

107.  Sweet and sour chicken.  Best homemade Chinese dinner recipe ever.  Yes, I made it (again) last night.  Soooooo good.

108.  For organization - and my ability to channel Stephenie.  :)

109.  For a good night's sleep.  And waking up refreshed.

110.  For gazelle intensity focus yesterday helping me get through the audit report goal I set for myself.  Hoping that continues through today.

111.  For our small group - that kicks off this afternoon.

112.  For a sweet smelling, shiny, and soft clean dog (nesting at it's best).

113.  For an organized and clean mud room.  (nesting at it's best).

114.  For a husband who will scrub the shower because I can't breathe in those nasty fumes from the hard water cleaner (nesting at it's best).

115.  For completed ironing.  (nesting at it's best).

116.  For my shark floor steamer and our Bona hard wood floor cleaner - and the fact that they saved my back from mayhem.  (nesting at it's best).

117.  For the possibility of a nap on this rainy fall day.

118.  For back rubs.

119.  Belly laughs....and the happy feeling you get long after a good long laugh.

120.  For every bump and hiccup from baby girl.  Even though I'm SO READY to be done being pregnant - I'm in the final days of my pregnancy career.  This is a feeling I will never feel again, so I want to enjoy every last one.


mrsmarkdave said...

I tried the sweet and sour chicken with fried rice. VERY good. Except the rice tasted way too soy sauce-y. So, I'm going to either use less or try going the amino acid way that you went. I'm not exactly sure where to get it, though.

Sandy said...

It depends on where you get it. One store here has it with the salad dressings. The other has it with all the misc. condiments. I only used a FRACTION of what it called for too- and I start with brown rice...just to cut the sodium. Glad you enjoyed it!

Anonymous said...

I am sad I won't ever feel the "baby on the inside" feelings again - those are the best part of pregnancy! :)

mrsmarkdave said...

Hey thanks! I'll try looking in those places. (and I used brown rice, too.)

Young Family said...

I think I figured it out! So glad I get to post comments now! :)