Monday, October 15, 2012

Just some pregnancy observations

  • The superhuman nesting power only lasts so long.  And then you're left with a super clean house, and no baby.  And then, 12 seconds later, your kids walk in the door and mess it all up.  So, now you have a semi-clean house, no baby, and no energy.

  • When you're close to your due date, and you go to church on a Sunday morning, you will have approximately no less than 26 conversations about your upcoming delivery.  (Yeah....I was kinda counting....) These will include, "How are you doing?  Feel like crying yet?"  "'re OUT there."  "Hey....try this......(insert tactic to ensue delivery)."  " look miserable."  "What, no baby yet?"  And my personal favorite, "Whoa!  I didn't recognize you from behind!  Your butt is still the same, but that belly is crazy huge!" 

  • I realized that if this was A's pregnancy, I'd be in labor right now. 

  • If it were C's pregnancy, we would have been home for 4 days already.  Sigh.

  • It doesn't matter how many things you try to naturally induce childbirth....if that baby isn't ready, she's just not ready.  And I've tried *almost* everything.

  • A good night of sleep is sometimes better than going into labor during the night.  Waking up refreshed is such a blessing.

  • I'm expecting our van to break down on the way to the hospital.  Yep....I am.

  • I am aware that I will probably be wearing some maternity clothes for the first few weeks of baby girl's life....but I'm sooo happy to be packing some of it away!

  • I cannot get organized enough.

  • I'm excited to get carpet installed on Friday so we can start moving things into baby girl's and our room.  This is getting me so giddy!!! 

  • I still have Thank you notes to write.

  • It's amazing some of the "suggestions" that people are giving me for baby girl's name.  My response is always, "wow...that's close!"  It doesn't matter if their suggestion is Suzy or response is always the same.....and their response to my response makes me laugh out loud.  :)

  • Dave has been invited to no less than 4 "fun" functions last weekend and this week.  He's declined because we just don't know when I'll go into labor.  I told him to go....because as soon as he goes, I'll start contracting.  But he declines....and here I sit- still pregnant!  (I blame him, really- hehe)

  • With that logic in my head, I'm starting to make social plans of my own.  Babysitter for my boys so I can go to MOPS, coffee dates, birthday celebrations....because as soon as that calendar is full....I'll go, right?

  • I can't be pregnant forever, right?  RIGHT?!?!?!?!?


Mamaw Bee said...

Bless your heart. I wish I had some words to the wise. But I was only pregnant once and had twins, a boy and a girl. They came unexpectedly almost 4 weeks early.

mrsmarkdave said...


Anonymous said...

Very soon pregnancy will be just a memory - just think of that :)