Saturday, October 6, 2012

36 Years= 36 Blessings I LOVE.

I've done posts like this before on my birthday.

Things I'm thankful for...blessings I'm thankful accordance with the years I am old.

I always think it's a good idea to be thankful....and show gratitude.

So, here's some of my favorites:

1.  Dave.  Who is fixing the water pump in my van as I type.  (His birthday present to me.  Romantic, I know...but I'm VERY happy about this!)  He's a very handy guy to have around.  And we're praying that this will take care of the incessant squeaking my van has been making for the last 6 months!!!  Seriously, though....I love this man more and more every day.

2.  This kid right here.  And his sensitive little heart.  His new thing:  he makes "specialty toast."  This means butter and jelly.  But, apparently, he's good at it.  :)

3.  This little guy too!  And the fact that he's on the mend.  And that he sleeps in.  And has a real heart for God.  And loves to cuddle.  And loves animals.  And loves to sing and learn.  And have lots of fun.

4.  This little baby girl.  And the hope that she'll be here sooner than later.  But knowing that she'll be here in (no longer than) 4 weeks.  YAY!

5.  For friends.  I have great ones.  The ones I choose to spend time with are high quality, awesomely loyal ones.  And I'm SO grateful God has put them in my life right now.  Seriously, it doesn't get much better than this!!!

6.  For parents- who are willing to come my way when I can't go theirs.  And everything else they do in between.  :)

7.  For in-laws.  Who still believe birthdays are to be celebrated.  I love that.

8.  For being debt free.  It's a blessing.  A big one.

9.  Being gluten free.  Yes, it's a pain in the arse sometimes....but it beats feeling like I'm dying everyday.  And being malnourished...and being chained to the bathroom.  Inflammation is down, my bones don't hurt, and I haven't had a migraine in over 3 years.  TAKE THAT, WHEAT!!!

10.  For this puppy.  And the fact that she LOVES to cuddle.  And has adorable markings.  And a cute little slack-jaw.  :)

11.  For pumpkin flavored everything.  I love fall.  And pumpkin.

12.  Colors of fall.  I sometimes think that God uses fall foliage to either show off- or prove- beyond a reasonable doubt - that He's still around.  Seriously - those colors on the trees soothe my soul.

13.  For the hope of change this fall.  Praying America wakes up.

14.  For this blog.  And the freedom of speech guaranteed to me by our Constitution.  And the fact that you're reading it right brainless dribble.  And my hope for your laughter somewhere along the way.  :)

15.  For birthday/ baby pedicures.  Yep, I bit the budget bullet and went to get a pedi yesterday.  Totally worth every cent of that $30.  Totally.  Soft feet, glowing feet, exfoliated skin, and pretty nails.  I'm ready.

16.  Texting.  Eliminates the need for small talk.  Something I don't always have the luxury of with little kids underfoot.  And I can text while on the phone for work- when the people I'm auditing don't have their numbers ready.  It makes me feel like I'm a multi-tasking super star.

17.  Ecards.  Man, they crack me up.

18.  For work.  And being able to do it from home.  Sometimes in my pajamas.  Without having to put my kids in daycare.  And choosing my own schedule.

19.  The Melting Pot.  And their wait-staff that totally understand what gluten free means....and can give you great substitution ideas.

20.  For our school.  And our principal- who says the kindest words that can recharge my mommy-batteries in 2 minutes.  God certainly knows what he's doing when he puts people in your lives sometimes.

21.  TUMS.  My best friend lately.  I'm grateful for them now...but am really looking forward to not needing them anymore- in about 2 weeks.

22.  A clean house.  I really wouldn't know what that is at the moment....but it's a blessing when I do know what it is.  :)

23.  Cute earrings.  And jewelry in general.  Accessorizing with the prefect earrings and necklace really has a way of making me feel polished and put together.  Doesn't happen often, but when it does- it's a fun day.

24.  Honey crisp apples.  Doesn't get much better than this!

25.  Coffee dates with friends.  And having 3 hours go by before you even think to look at the clock.

26.  MOPS.  And all the wonderful women it's brought into my life.

27.  For Pintrest.  It makes life prettier, tastier, and just more fun.

28.  For purple rooms :)

29.  For people who are always willing to help.  With kids, with house stuff, with a place to stay, with PTL stuff, with just about everything.  Helpful people make the world a better place to be.

30.  For craft dates.  And getting projects done.  And spending time with a friend.  :)

31.  For my NEW blue room!  And the new bedding set that inspired this blue...and the new lamps I'm planning on putting in this room (although I need to bling them out first).  But I'm SUPER excited!!!

32.  For dinners that don't require a fight at the table.  These include:  meatloaf, breakfast dinner, rib eye Delmonico steak night, and tacos.  Apparently, my kids are carnivores!

33.  For our MOPS consignment sale- coming up at the end of this month.  And the opportunity for me to start packing all my maternity clothes up for sale!  Adios, maternity!!!

34.  For my wellness Dr.  And the fact that they teach me what's wrong with my body, so I feel completely educated to make my own health care decisions- and make lifestyle and medication changes accordingly.  And the fact that they are available to me- whenever I need them.

35.  For Facebook.  They really know how to do birthdays.  :)

36.  For you.  For reading all 36 points.  Thanks.


mrsmarkdave said...

YOU make this world a better place. Happy birthday, Sandy! You are such a special woman. I wish I knew you in real life, but since I don't/can't, I'm thankful that you have a blog :-)

Sarann said...

Happy birthday Sandy! My birthday is Monday and I was thinking you should have baby girl that day, and if you did you should name her Sarah. Then I thought about it and realized you don't use your boys' names on here, so I'm wondering if you are going to share baby girls name when she is born? I understand why you don't share, but I hope you will tell what her name is!

Lesley said...

Yay! Thankful for you. :)

Anonymous said...

Love this list! Happy birthday again - you old lady ;)