Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The post in which I am horribly pride-ful about my husband's talent. Please forgive me.


I really don't mean to be so braggadocious...

...but I'm very proud of that man I married.

You see, five  years ago when we moved into the Love Shack, we lived in the nasty basement.

It was nasty, dirty, and I had a primed cinder block wall for a head board.

I shared a bedroom with a furnace, washer and dryer and my husbands archaic work computer
(that hummed louder than any snoring I've ever heard)

Before that?

We had a set of old windows. 

There was no room for a head board.

Growing up, I had a head board.


To me, beds without them look just so........ unfinished.
At least, in my house.

(However, a few of you have prooved me wrong with well placed pillows in your own homes)

So, we had a customer approach D. about making a head-board for her daughter and son-in-law.

I was more than happy to oblige this customer by showing her a building plan
I had my eye on for some time.

Fortuanely, she loved it...

...and while he was building one...

....I talked him into building two.

One for us!


And the large money shot!

The hope chest was inherited from my grandmother.
The afghan was knit by my aunt who passed away about 10 years ago.
My uncle found two when cleaning out her storage area and called me to see if I wanted one.

Wasn't that awesome?!?!?

I love it.

Big shot with full ensemble:

Yes, I know the cross is off-center.

We moved the bed over to accommodate the treadmill:

And that ultra cute picture in the corner?

That's our kindergarten pictures!

Sorry, I just couldn't resist putting up a shot of my cute Strawberry Shortcake dress...
...and absolutely adorable husband as a boy.


Sandy S. said...

Beautiful! My husband used to do woodworking and has always wanted to do a headboard...maybe someday :) I love your whole bedroom set! And I agree, beds just look unfinished with no headboard...I'd never had one before and we got my father in law's old one a few months ago when he moved. It ain't pretty, but it's better than the bare wall!

mrsmarkdave said...

I love everything. And you SHOULD be proud of him. Nothing wrong with bragging. It's probably nice for husband to know how proud of him his wife is.
And I LOVE the photo idea. I might try that. However, getting a single picture of Dave from my mother in law might prove to be impossible.

Mama M. said...

THAT is amazing!!

For real. I am totally impressed...and, I think I missed it along the way, but is that what your husband does for a living?

'Cuz, the funny thing is, my husband is an agronomist...he helps farmer's with their crops...but WE can't grow a garden to save our souls.

I'm gonna have to tell him that "Sandy's husband is a carpenter and makes her all sorts of nice things...why can't you make our grass green and our garden boutiful?"

Okay, maybe I won't say anything... ;)