Monday, March 28, 2011

The imposter night stand revealed

This the original.

This is part of a suite that my parents purchased for me as a graduation present.

That was a long long (really long) time ago.

So, by the time we had enough room in our bedroom to accommodate another night stand, well....this manufacturer is long gone.

So, my husband pulls out some (SCRAP!) wood, and starts to build. 

And he comes up with this:

Really, the stain matches better than in these pictures, they're just in two totally different lighted areas.

He decided to take an "easy way out."

Instead of drawers, like those shown here...

He went for a door.

Which was totally nice of him, becasue my big photo box doesn't fit anywhere else!

I love that man of mine!


Big Fat Gini said...

That's really awesome! Kudos to your hubs!

Heather said...

Holy Moly! That is awesome that he can do that! Looks great!

Julie said...

Oh do you think you could get your husband to make me one. Oh I love them, really. He did a fantastic job. My could build me anything that would require metal work and welding but not to much wood working but your hubby, WOW he did a great job. Thank you for sharing.
Off to catch up a bit more. Take care Sandy, God Bless!!