Sunday, March 6, 2011

Slapped by middle age

A few weeks ago, D and I attended the wedding of one of the Four Tre posse.

This was actually only the third wedding we've attended together since we started dating.

All others have included one or both of us in the wedding party.

Since the groom and D go so far back, some thought that he would be hurt for not getting "chosen."

He (and I) were ever so grateful.

We avoided the $200 tux rental, bachelor party drama,
and were able to just enjoy each other's company at the wedding and reception.

And we had a blast.

It was great to reconnect with people I haven't seen since a wedding last year.

Some I haven't seen since our own wedding.

Some since we were dating.

It's also the first wedding we've attended since D. stopped drinking.

And since I went low carb.

Really, it was a totally different experience.

Here's some pics:

The centerpieces.

They were actually quite lovely.
My camera didn't do them justice.

This is actually the only picture I got of the bride and groom.


Wedding guest: fail.

This lady is Carol.
She's the mom of a friend of D's.
I hadn't seen her since her son's wedding the year prior.
It was great to catch up.

D's friend, whose mother is shown above.

We love these two.


Well into the night.

My hair was much curlier earlier.

And my makeup was much darker.

I actually attempted a "smokey eye" look, and kinda (?) pulled it off.

And then I had two glasses of wine.

And started rubbing my eyes.

Then, I just looked normal.

Merlot glass #2.

At every wedding, there is a sparkly dress.

This wedding was no exception.


Ohhhhh, what to say about John.



Well...moving on...

Lots of blurry pictures were taken.

Ahhh, the alcohol flowed.

Well, for some of us.

Case in point:

And, because I know you're wondering...

(for those of you who know my husband is notorious for this)

Yes...Kevin Bacon did make an (abbreviated) appearance that night.

Apparently, it's hard to channel Kevin while sober.  :)

Live band.

Capable of everything from Billy Joel to Lady ga-ga.

We definitely came away from the evening realizing that the

Four-Tre' Posse

has been slapped across the face by Middle Age.

Drinking was done in moderation.

Muffin tops and beer bellies made an appearance.

Women talking of their child birth stories and toddler woes.

Men talking of house projects and jobs.

Hairlines are receeding,

wrinkles are abundant.

But with all the changes, some things have not.

They still have good hearts.

They all still respect each other (well, everyone but DeeWee),

There's no pre-tenses with each other.

They're all just happy to be there together.

No one cared about the type of car everyone else drove.

Or who had the fancier house.

Or the best labeled shirt.

No one cared.

We were just all happy to be in each other's company that night.

I love that group.

And, last...but not least...our favors.

There was a photo booth.

Each couple got a turn in the booth.

4 pictures - 15 seconds apart.

Two strips printed out.

One for us, the other for their guest book.

My scanner didn't pick up the 4th picture...but that's ok, cause it didn't turn out.

(I have a really smart scanner that just doesn't pick up bad pics of me.)

All in all, a VERY fun evening.

Until next time, four tre'

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