Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Everyday when you're walking down the street, everybody that you meet has an original point of view...

I found out yesterday morning that a national children's author was in town...that day.

While I wasn't feeling the best (allergy attack turned super mega cold...ugh),

I knew the boys would really enjoy a trip to the big downtown library to see him.

Except, by afternoon, I had exhausted all my energy.

So, I gave myself an "escape plan."

I'd ask A. if he knew who this author was.

If he didn't...I was home free.

Me:  "A, do you know who Marc Brown is?"

A.:  "Yeah!  He's the author of Arthur!"

Ok...to the library we go!

And, I'm actually soooo glad we went.

It was a packed house by the time we go there, so we had to sit on the floor by the front door.

This is the 35th anniversary of Arthur, so he's stopping at 35 libraries in 35 days.

He drew the first image of Arthur from 35 years ago.

Then, he showed us how to draw the Arthur we know and love today.

There was a slide show of things to teach us about his life.

The slide below is the latest "fix and flip" that he did.

Apparently, he's really into that.

He also showed pictures of his wife's art, his "work zone", and the class composite of his 3rd grade class that many of the characters are based on.

Including Binky Barnes.

Seriously, that 3rd grader looked like the teacher!

Then, he read us the "Arthur goes green" story that hits the bookstores this week,
and "Zoosical" which he illustrated - which doesn't come out until fall.

Then...since we had to sit by the door, we were fortunate enough to get in line for the booksigning quickly.
Thank goodness!

My friend, who was toward the rear of the line got out 90 minutes AFTER we did!

(We were already home, had eaten dinner,
done homework and were popping popcorn for a bedtime snack)

He was very patient with all the children, and asked the boys a few questions before
I asked for a picture of him with the boys.

He gladly obliged.

A. was amazed the whole time.

He even stammered a bit at the book signing, and couldn't find his voice. 
Once the picture was taken, he wanted to sit down and chat it up with him.  :)

A. came home and started drawing a book.

I'm sooo glad we went.
Reserve energy well spent, I tell ya.  :)


Pixel Perfect said...

That's so neat! Wow...I'm glad they changed arthur from 35 years ago.

Kate said...

What fun! I love that the author was into your kids - I appreciate it when an author takes time for their fans.

What an awesome mom you were to take them even though you weren't feeling up to it!

Heather said...

That's really cool! We have the whole Arthur collection!