Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Top ten things on facebook that annoy the heck out of me....Take 2.

Ok...apparently, I'm annoyed by facebook from time to time.  While writing my previous post, I realized that I had to prioritize the annoyances to ONLY ten....and realized that I had ANOTHER ten (or twenty) to add.  So, here's part two.  If you missed the first one....you can find it here.

11.  Relationship status.  I once talked to our high school babysitter who realized that her boyfriend broke up with her by changing his relationship status from "in a relationship" to "single."  Really, kid?  If you're old enough to date, you're old enough to act like a man.  Grow some.

12.  Bible verses.  Only bible verses all the time.  You know, I'm a Christian.  I love the Bible.  I love reading it, and learning new things.  But when you only post Bible verses on Facebook as a means to evangelize....you need to know that atheist friends are not only NOT reading them, but they're hiding your feed.  Lead by example.  Show your joy.  Meet people where they're at.  Don't get hidden in feeds.  This is the best way to evangelize, in my opinion.

13.  Checking in.  You know that four-square thing, or the checking in on facebook?  Jane Smith is at the Big House with Jon Smith and 8 other people.  Yep...you have a great life.  You're having fun.  But you've just let your 490 friends (some of whom you may not have actually met in real life) that you are not home and won't be home for the next 5-6 hours.  Reeeeeaaaaal smart, socialite.  One of these days, you're gonna get robbed....and scratch your head as to how they knew you weren't home.

14.  Tagging photos.  Really?  When you take a picture of my big fat bootie....#1- don't post it in the first place.  and #2- Don't tag me in it!  Like I need another blow to my fragile ego.

15.  Your culinary expertise- or lack thereof.  If you're making roast beef for dinner....you don't need to post it.  It's boring and mundane.  I'm probably also cooking roast beef for dinner too, but it isn't really status update worthy.  However....if you're cooking something worthy of mouth watering.....by all means, post it.  Don't be surprised if I show up on your doorstep with plate in hand.  Just to be clear- grilled cheese, don't post.  Pecan crusted rosemary infused baked chicken with a side of coconut curry quinoa....post it.  And make an extra helping, please.

16.  Deleting other's comments.  I have a friend on facebook who is notorious for this.  She posts things that piss people off, and if they comment (and aren't in agreement with her), she'll delete it. I just think that if you're going to post crap like that, you need to have the ability to accept other's responses.

17.  Serious (or condescending)  responses to funny updates.  This was an addition by my friend Michelle.  And I wholeheartedly agree.    She put up a funny update to let others know she was having a rough day (we moms deal with rough times with humor) and someone posted a very serious comment.  Another friend of mine posted the other day about going far far away for a month or so for sanity.  One of her commentors stated, "As soon as you leave, I'll give your husband the name of a great divorce lawyer.  No joking.  You don't up and leave when the going gets rough."    Wow....know who you're commenting on.....know what they're day was like before you harpoon them.

18.  People with more than 800 friends.  Really?  Do you really know 800 people that well?  Unless you're using it to further your business (i.e. realty, mortgages, public image), really?  800? (Don't even get me started on people who have more than 3500----eye roll).   I doubt you know them all that well to let them know you're out of your house for the entire day.  See #13.  There's an official Facebook "unfriend" day.  It's basically to make you think about how many people you let see your personal information.  The last day, I unfriended 22 people.  It really made me think, and I'm grateful for that.

19.  Blurred lines.  I recently read that one school district requested of its teachers NOT to be facebook friends or twitter followers with their students.  And the teachers had an issue with this!!!  Really?  Why should this even be an issue?  Don't our teachers know to draw a line with their students between personal and professional?  This is an issue for me.  I, as a parent, don't want my sons in a class where their teacher would friend them on Facebook.  In addition, teachers put personal information on there (such as religious affiliations, politics, and personal family stuff) for immature children to see.  Note:  if you friend your students on facebook, please be prepared at some point for it to come and bite you.  If you don't want to get bitten, establish the line.

20.  Your schedule"On my way to Meijer for groceries, then to work (ugh) then home for dinner (grilled cheese) and to bed.  Busy day for me!"  Ok...so this is violating rules #13 and #15 too!  This is a mundane schedule, we are all busy, and again....you're just asking to get robbed.

Note:  if you are reading this, and we are facebook friends....this post does not reflect you.  I promise!  Those that do this don't know I have a blog...and if they do know, they're not reading it.  They're too busy violating rules #1-20.  :)  Thank you for being my friend, on Facebook and in real life and for reading my blog....and most of all, for not being annoying!

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Val said...

High five to this. I'm in total agreement.

Mama M. said...

AMEN! You are spot on...SPOT on.

mrsmarkdave said...

You are a girl after my own heart.
To date: I am at 20 friends, and I highly doubt that number will go any higher.
I couldn't agree any more strongly on all of your points. all 20 of them.

Maranda said...

Love this- all so true. Especially the teacher/student friends thing. One thing my high school-age brother's math teacher did that was neat was set up a Facebook profile for himself as the math teacher, and he posts homework assignments, test dates, and allows the students to post questions/ask for help. Makes him accessible. But he has NO personal info on profile- its all classroom/school info.

Brittney said...

My husband and I just watched a clip of a TV show on YouTube (since we don't have cable, and all) about someone who got robbed because they put on their FB status something about not being home. The funny thing is, though, that they had a video surveillance set up in their living room that got the robbers on tape, and then they posted it to FB and one of their other FB friends pointed out who it was. HAHA. Wow.

Anonymous said...

Tis' true - though I fear I've already let the cat out of the bag with saying we are going to Oz... we'll have to let our neighbor's pit bull live at our house while we are gone ;)
Love this extended list! Mucho!

Rach said...


Mary @ Giving Up On Perfect said...

Oh my gosh, this cracked me up!! I have issues with Facebook, too. LOVE this post!

Sandy S. said...

Alright, I'm guilty of #14 and #20...in my defense, I'm usually tagging pictures of my sisters or niece! And #20 just out of habit...and in my defense again, hubby works from home and is almost always here when I'm not, so I'm really hoping we don't get robbed :)

Jennifer @ What Would Jen Do said...

i found out a couple of my friends were getting divorced when his facebook status changed. i feel like facebook has become the new way to passively inform people of things.