Monday, October 17, 2011

A case of the "Mondays"

I got nuthin'

My brain is empty.

Well, it's actually full.

Of many other things than blogging.

There's an old marching band picture on my facebook wall, and it's amazing how many people are writing on it.  It's been fun to reconnect with my band-mates.    And it's fun now that true things come out...things you suspected about people but never believed because you wanted to believe you lived in a perfect little bubble.

It's been fun.

My friend, Rach, came over tonight to take some family pictures.  C. was less than cooperative.  He thought it would be funny to be the "odd man out" in all the pics.  I hope he gave her something to work with.  And I hope my rolls were concealed.  :)  Thanks, Rach!

It's been fun.

After a short sabbatical, I'm back to writing on the other blog.  Actually, I haven't written yet, but I'm starting a monthly series that I'm hoping will produce more motivation for that aspect of my life.  It's a fun blog, and I adore the ladies I'm working I'm hoping this will continue for some time.

It'll be fun.

I'm working on an audit that I cannot balance.

That's not fun.

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Anonymous said...

I can't wait for your series on the other blog... super fun!