Wednesday, October 26, 2011

I'm soliticing your advice. And perhaps qualify myself for Hoarders.

It's no secret that I'm not at all type A.

If there was a type Z, I'd be it....because it's the farthest one can get away from A.

But, I'm desiring some order.

I'm feeling like my lack of organization is starting to affect my ability to think clearly, and find things in a pinch.

Those of us that are over committed do not have time to spend 30 minutes searching for that fundraiser paper...that I totally forgot to sell anything from anyway.  Sigh.

Anyway....There are a few areas of my life that really need help.  For example:

My kitchen pantries.  Now that we're totally in one kitchen, the two pantries have a combination of food, spices, bake ware and serving stuff.  There is no rhyme or reason to it, everything just is there.

My papers.  I have a filing system, but the papers never do their job by getting themselves in the proper folders.  They're just complacent and sit around in piles all day.

Junk drawer stuff.  There is no room for a junk drawer in the new kitchen.  This breaks my heart.  And what do I do that that stuff?!?!?

And...perhaps my ultimate vulnerable moment on this blog.  C's old room has become a dumping ground for everything that I choose not to deal with.  And now we have a room that looks like this:

Notice the door doesn't even open all the way anymore.

(hangs head in shame)

Since it's only one room, I don't believe that this qualifies me as a person on Hoarders, right?!?!?

I need organizational help.'s where I ask for your expertise...what do you use as organization for your house?  Is it easy to maintain?  I'm looking for any tips you have here, friends!


Anonymous said...

I don't know that I can give any advice - but I can come to your house and help - I'm very good at helping others organize and sort, I'm just less successful at doing it for myself ;)
I'd say you are a type M - it's mid-alphabet - because "z" would be right next to "a" if you were to start over ;)
PS - You are in no danger of being a hoarders episode!

Sarann said...

What do I use to encourage organization at my house? A grumpy husband who gets on my case when I let things get too cluttered. Seriously, when he gets upset I go into organization overdrive.